Nexage Launches Nexage Rich Media Connect to Scale Mobile Rich Media Business

Nexage Rich Media Connect Is the First Mobile Advertising Solution to Link Rich Media Ads to On-Demand Inventory While Also Streamlining Business Processes

Dec 08, 2010, 09:00 ET from Nexage

BOSTON, Dec. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexage (, a leading provider of mobile advertising solutions for publishers and application developers, today announced the launch of Nexage Rich Media Connect, an industry-changing solution that enables publishers and app developers to access large volumes of high-yield rich media ads. Nexage Rich Media Connect (RMC) increases the efficiency and throughput of high-yield rich media campaigns by connecting rich media ad sources to billions of mobile web and application impressions while eliminating the business and technical complexities previously associated with executing rich media campaigns.

Until now, publishers' and developers' access to rich media ads has been hindered by the technical and business process complexities associated with embedding individual SDKs from rich media providers, tracking and reconciling the rich media ads, and ensuring that the ads rendered properly. Nexage RMC streamlines and manages the processes of sourcing ad inventory; sourcing ads; managing contracts, reporting, and reconciliation; and ensuring ad quality. In so doing, Nexage RMC removes tangible impediments to scale that have constrained rich media growth.

Nexage has partnered with rich media providers including Celtra, Phluant, and others to launch Nexage RMC. Nexage certifies that all rich media ads provided by its partners are written to Nexage's Mobile Mediation for Rich Media spec (MM4RM), ensuring that they behave and render uniformly across all participating publishers, eliminating the technical difficulties previously encountered in executing rich media campaigns without limiting the creative freedom in design or construction of the ads. Nexage's MM4RM spec is compatible with the recently launched ORMMA standard and further facilitates scalability and efficiency in the mobile ecosystem.

"Nexage Rich Media Connect is the first comprehensive solution that increases the throughput of our rich media ads and lets us focus on building great rich media technology," said Rob Friedlander, VP Publishing Strategy and Business Development. "We're able to scale our business effectively and focus our resources on business critical features and functionality and let Nexage RMC manage the operational details."

"Nexage, once again, is a step ahead in making it easier for publishers and app developers to generate revenue from their ad inventory," said Ernie Cormier, CEO & President of Nexage. "Nexage RMC is the first rich media product to connect both rich media ads and inventory, removing tangible operational burdens for all constituents in the rich media mobile advertising ecosystem."

Nexage Rich Media Connect is available to all Nexage clients and demand partners and works seamlessly across mobile web and applications.

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