Next Galaxy Founder and President Mary Spio Updates Shareholders as Virtual Reality Products Near Release

Feb 25, 2015, 09:45 ET from Next Galaxy Corp.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Feb. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Galaxy Corp. (OTC: NXGA), the creator of Ceek – Virtual Reality (VR) Content Hub and Ceekars – the first VR Audio Headset, is pleased to provide shareholders with an update on company developments and goals for 2015 with a letter from Next Galaxy Founder and President Mary Spio.

My Fellow NXGA Shareholders,

Since July 2014, Next Galaxy has been moving efficiently and expeditiously to create content solutions and technology that we believe will drive the mainstream adoption of VR.

Next Galaxy is built around Ceek™ - our VR content hub, and Ceekars™ - the first smart VR audio headset. To date, we have completed a beta version of Ceek™ that is online for Windows users and viewable through the Oculus Rift DK1. We have since focused our attention on developing the consumer version of our Ceek application for mobile phones. The DK1 version of Ceek is voice activated, has full social functionality for multiple users to interact, communicate and have shared experiences and downloadable via

Ceek™ is designed as a truly next generation platform, unlike anything available today. CEEK is a fully immersive environment, users don't simply visit a static website and watch a video or partake in a virtual meeting like they do currently on a web browser.  CEEK is designed for use with VR domes as well as headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, VRONE, Google inspired VR goggles and others. 

Our focus moving forward is on mobile VR as we believe that medium is the best way for us to gain traction with a wide audience based upon the growing ubiquity of smartphones. Android smartphone shipments alone exceeded a billion in 2014. By simply downloading our mobile application, our users, who we call "Ceekers," will be immersed in a virtual world that they will navigate and interact with via a controller, head movement, voice-activation and/or eye gaze control. 

Think of it as a virtual city with a central command center where users go to beam to the destination of their choice, whether it is a music hall for a concert, the Cineplex for a movie, sports arena for a game or the travel center to explore Miami, Paris or countless travel destinations and sites.  We recognize that VR will become the foundation for the future of communication be it in entertainment, healthcare or education and we are excited about the opportunity to help shape that movement.

The CEEK platform will have tools to enable other content creators to easily distribute and manage their content. To bring Ceek™ to market, we have partnered with EON Reality, the world's number one Virtual and Augmented Reality knowledge transfer and leading VR developer. In addition to being a valuable business partner integral to the development of Ceek, EON Reality has made a co-investment in CEEK; a decision which demonstrates EON's commitment to the success of the project.

To address the audio component of VR, we have developed Ceekars™, the first 3D smart audio headphone and portable navigational tool for VR gaming and experiences. Prior to CEEKARS™ you could not achieve this kind of acoustic experience and interactivity without powerful high performance gaming computers draining CPU resources, plus it was close to impossible on mobile phones. Now with Ceekars you can turn your mobile phone into your personal mega entertainment complex on the go!

While CEEKARS were created for Virtual Reality environments, it is equally great for enjoying music, movies and other experiences anywhere, anytime!

Next Galaxy has several provisional patents and IP that covers our VR controller, 3D smart audio device and social VR technology. We have executed revenue-generating agreements, and have others pending with the likes of Miami Children's Hospital and other healthcare organizations to create immersive training for critical procedures. In addition to our internal plans for domestic distribution and sales of Ceekars™, we are pursuing international avenues as well, including a business partnership with Annex Telecom Co., Ltd., one of South Korea's leading Mobile Virtual Network Operators with annual sales in excess of $1 billion.  Annex Telecom will soon begin offering Ceekars™ as a packaged product with a third-party VR headset to the distribution network.

Once the VR platform and VR audio headset are in place – which should be within the next few months, the final component is VR content to begin populating our Ceek database and driving audience and revenue growth.  As we have disclosed in numerous announcements across the past months, we have built an incredible team of partners for this portion of the business model.  Our partnership with Annex Telecom not only involves the distribution of Ceekars™, but also a content creation component, as VR is a prime growth directive of Annex Telecom.  Annex Telecom will work with us to provide celebrity talent affiliations for the production and marketing of VR concerts to bolster their lineup of popular television shows.  Next Galaxy has granted Annex Telecom exclusive distribution rights in Korea for the content. 

In the sports space, legendary Syracuse University Men's Basketball coach Jim Boeheim, the second most winning Division 1 men's basketball coach of all time, has signed on for a VR experience to be filmed at his home basketball court.  After signing the agreement, Coach Boeheim appeared on leading financial broadcasts, such as CNBC and Fox Business, during prime time market hours discussing his excitement for the VR industry and Next Galaxy.

For our music initiatives, we have aligned ourselves with some of the biggest names in the business. We have partnered with Grammy-nominated producer Willie "Bum Bum" Baker to create a series of VR shows featuring various musical artists to be hosted on Ceek. Willie has a resume that includes working with music superstars, such as Beyonce, Pink, BoyzIIMen, India Irie and music mogul LA Reid, former CEO of Epic Records. To penetrate the Latin American market which includes a population in excess of 600 million people, we've added Ron Diaz to spearhead that initiative.  Ron's decades of experience include being a founder of the Hispanic Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, the producer of the first Latin jazz concert at New York's Carnegie Hall and a key figure in the formation of the Latin jazz record label Songosaurus, which has produced several illustrious Latin musicians.

These extensive R&D efforts and lengthy list of partnerships have paved the way to where we are today as a VR company enveloping the key components of the industry.  

Further, we have established Next Galaxy as a key opinion and technology leader through our production of the Big Innovation and Growth (BIG) Summit, which featured best selling author and the marketing force behind the early Facebook Randi Zuckerberg as the keynote speaker and brought together the industry.

These efforts have unlocked a litany of upcoming opportunities to create content and a product which will delight our audiences.  We expect to announce exciting news on this front in the very near future as we finalize agreements and contracts.

Financially, we have moved forward through investments by long-term, committed stakeholders and prudent use of funds.  We are near commercialization, and have been presenting our company to larger investment funds and institutions. 

In summary, we have made tremendous strides on all fronts and are relentlessly moving forward to stay ahead of the curve, iterate quickly and execute on our plans to become a leader in the creation and distribution of consumer virtual reality content. We are months away from the mobile version of Ceek and releasing Ceekars™, two first-in-class VR products.  We expect 2015 to be a banner year for VR fans (which we are first and foremost), Next Galaxy and our shareholders as the Next Galaxy, CEEK and CEEKARS brands become synonymous with delightful fully immersive experiences.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mary Spio
President and Founder
Next Galaxy

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