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SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading consumer and small business information web site, announced the launch of its new Home Security reviews, providing in-depth, independent reviews and comparisons of nationally recognized Home Security systems, in order to determine which had the best service. NextAdvisor editors tested and reviewed six of the top services (ADT, Vivint, Protect America, Guardian, LifeShield and Frontpoint) to determine which companies had the best product in terms of service, pricing and support.

Home Security systems have become increasingly affordable and available over the past several years. With major advancements in technology and security, these systems are now more advanced than ever, allowing your family to be fully protected at all times even while you're away. With special features like interactive monitoring, you can even check in on your house at any time.

"Home security is getting more and more advanced," said Chris Rancourt, an editor at NextAdvisor who reviewed the services. "Some services even let you control home security features from your phone or tablet, so you can arm your home security system even if you are on the go."

Other features like full home automation allow you to control many different aspects of your home such as temperature, lights and energy usage through your phone or tablet. Specialized equipment such as pan and tilt cameras and motion sensors can also help to keep you alerted to activity in your house when you're not home.

To review each company, NextAdvisor editors signed up for the top home security services and set up the security devices in a controlled environment. After testing the equipment, they then reviewed the service in terms of pricing, features, equipment, customer service, and ease of installation.

The two services that stood out were Frontpoint Security and Lifeshield. These two services offer great equipment, features, support and the most affordable prices for their services, along with easy installation. Frontpoint was the clear winner of the two, providing excellent support, reliable service and top of the line equipment. Frontpoint also features a 100% cellular system, which is the most reliable in case of an emergency. 

You can read NextAdvisor's full home security reviews here:

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