NFL Puts Feet First - Shock Suppression over Cushioning: Many Teams Switching to UNEQUAL Technologies' Patented Shock Blocking Insoles

Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns are Early Adopters

Aug 23, 2010, 10:30 ET from UNEQUAL Technologies

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- UNEQUAL Technologies, a leader in patented shock suppression gear for sports and lifestyle, today announced that they are addressing the National Football League's (NFL) teams' paradigm shift from cushioning to shock suppression footwear.  Injuries are always top of mind in many contact sports and in activities where limbs and joints take brutal poundings daily.  UNEQUAL Technologies has developed the world's only insole made with Kevlar® that has been widely adapted by professional sports teams including 30% of the NFL who are now utilizing the UNEQUAL® UltraLite Insoles with Kevlar.

"This is no surprise that teams are now looking for even more ways to prevent injuries through smart technology," said Dr. Lee S. Cohen, team Podiatrist for the Philadelphia Eagles.  "The players using UNEQUAL prefer it because they don't feel foot fatigue or the pressure of the cleats.  Many of my patients, from the Pro's to the Joe's, using UNEQUAL have also experienced 'Pain-Free' training, exercise and workouts."

UNEQUAL® Insoles offer an important advantage over existing alternatives because their patented Kevlar composite provides greater damping of vibrations than other products, according to Villanova University's Department of Mechanical Engineering that conducted extensive testing on this innovative technology.

Sore feet can have devastating effects on the player's ability to perform effectively.  There are approximately 1,500 steps in a mile and each step sends harmful impact shock of three to five times one's body weight up through the feet into the body causing muscle damage, sore joints and tendon trauma.  

"That's a lot of force," said Rob Vito, CEO, UNEQUAL Technologies. "It's simple science -- if Kevlar can stop a bullet then it can stop shock.  UNEQUAL Insoles are the world's only insoles made with the bullet stopping power of Kevlar, the number one shock suppression in the world -- that's the reason the military uses it in bulletproof vests.  UNEQUAL reduces harmful impact shock and vibration by absorbing and redirecting the energy with its patented composite formula while maintaining rotational and lateral stability.  It's performance enhancing technology for feet."

UNEQUAL Technologies has conducted extensive research on injuries.  They cite an article titled "Is There a Place for Barefoot Running?" in the April/May 2009 edition of Podiatry Management Journal.  Author Dr. Benno Nigg, one of the foremost biomechanics gurus on running shoes, states the footwear industry is experiencing a paradigm shift from cushioning to shock suppression.  In Dr. Nigg's vibration model he explains that when we impact the ground, our soft tissue compartments (e.g., calf, hamstrings, etc.) start to vibrate.  However, the human body does not like vibrations ("Shock").  Consequently, muscles are activated to dampen these vibrations.  Fatigue occurs within the muscles because they are working to distribute these vibrations and this fatigue can lead to injuries.

The Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns trainers contacted Vito saying how well the UltraLite Insoles were performing for the players and their feet felt better during and after workouts.  Recently, Kevin Johnson, Head Trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers, contacted UNEQUAL Technologies to convey that he and his players felt a major difference with the shock suppression and comfort of the UltraLite Insoles.  This is now their 'go-to' insole.

About UNEQUAL Technologies

UNEQUAL Technologies has 57 worldwide patents for its sporting goods products made with the bullet-stopping power of Kevlar that "blocks the shock, not the feel," enabling a great tactile touch without the harmful impact shock.  UNEQUAL's patented technology is also being used in other equipment designed by major manufacturers for several sports, including: baseball, football, golf, tennis, cycling and athletic tape.

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