ng Connect Program Showcases First Streaming Video Game from the Cloud to a Car Entertainment System Over an LTE Network

GameStreamer Streaming Technology; In-Car Game Player and Store Enable Passengers to Buy and Play Games Delivered in Real-Time from the Cloud

Jan 06, 2010, 09:00 ET from GameStreamer

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CES, the Venetian Hotel, Veronese Suite 2503 -- ng Connect Program members GameStreamer, a next generation digital distribution network for video games, and Alcatel-Lucent will demonstrate the first streaming delivery of a video game to an in-vehicle entertainment system over a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Passengers in the program's LTE Connected Car will be able to browse a GameStreamer-powered store, purchase and play a game all from the in-vehicle entertainment system. The demonstration illustrates the capabilities possible on LTE next generation wireless broadband networks as envisioned by the ng Connect Program. GameStreamer technology used to provide this capability consists of its non-linear predictive streaming and in-vehicle player application and game store.

"People passionately enjoy games and are already actively playing them through Internet connected devices such as PC's, consoles and mobile phones. We felt enabling video games in a connected car was a natural addition to these devices and one game players will welcome with open arms," stated Steig Westerberg, COO and co-founder, GameStreamer. "The demo at CES will translate into a whole new revenue stream for wireless operators in that they can connect the automobile to the cloud and capture the imagination of both the game developer community as well as avid game players everywhere."

ng Connect Program member Alcatel-Lucent supplied its industry-leading solution for end-to-end LTE network, integrating Converged Radio Access Network (RAN) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and delivering super fast download speeds with reduced latency, through prototype LTE modem technology. This showcases how Alcatel-Lucent leverages wireless innovations and IP market leadership to deliver unprecedented scalability, quality of experience to LTE end-users, while enabling new service and business models for wireless operators.

The GameStreamer in-car video game store and streaming player delivers an on-demand game play experience and negates the need for physical media discs as players can select games from the store and immediately begin playing while the game is being streamed in real-time from the cloud.

This demonstration is one of the latest Solution Concepts from the ng Connect Program that showcase how 4G/LTE networks will enhance the way people communicate from digital signage to eHealthcare to mobile enhanced reality and much more.

About GameStreamer

GameStreamer is a next generation digital distribution network that develops innovative technology for the digital distribution, streaming and ecommerce of video games. GameStreamer has built the first truly enterprise-class digital distribution network for games that is offered as a white label turn-key solution. GameStreamer white label store solutions range from large, multiple genre mass market game stores or small, single genre boutique game stores whose style and content can be aligned to their particular vertical website audiences. We work with a wide variety of websites large and small helping them improve audience stickiness and convert their traffic into revenue. GameStreamer is headquartered in Tampa Florida with presence in major cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris and Moscow.

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About The ng Connect Program

The ng Connect Program is a multi-industry organization committed to the development and rapid deployment of the next generation of broadband services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other ultra high bandwidth technologies. Founded in 2009, the ng Connect Program is supported by leading network, consumer electronics, application and content providers including 4DK, Alcatel-Lucent, Atlantic Records, BUZZMEDIA, chumby, Connect2Media, Creative Technology Ltd., dimedis, FISHLABS, GameStreamer, Inc., Gemalto, HP, Intamac Systems Ltd., Kabillion, Kyocera Communications Inc., LearningMate, MediaTile, QNX, R360, RebelVox LLC., Samsung, SIGNEXX, Total Immersion, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., TuneWiki, V-Gate and Words & Numbers. For more information on the ng Connect Program, please visit:

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