NI Technology Research Updates Outlooks for Apple, MEMC, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Cypress Semiconductor

Mar 09, 2012, 08:04 ET from Indie Research Advisors, LLC

PRINCETON, N.J., March 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Inning Technology Research (, an online investment newsletter focused on semiconductor and technology stocks, has published updated outlooks on Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), MEMC (NYSE: WFR), Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM), Texas Instruments (Nasdaq: TXN), and Cypress Semiconductor (Nasdaq: CY).

Next Inning readers leverage the insight you can only get from an industry insider.  Next Inning editor Paul McWilliams began his career in the tech industry in the mid-1970s and was selling Intel devices in 1976, long before Intel was inside anything a consumer might recognize. 

McWilliams has spent his life in technology and is a nerd by admission.  Fortunately for Next Inning readers, he also loves to write about technology trends in ways that makes it easy for an average reader to understand the complexities of the industry and, more importantly, which companies are likely to be the winners and losers as technology trends change.

Readers frequently rave about McWilliams' quarterly State of Tech report that covers the microprocessor and computing sectors.  Obviously, by virtue of its dominance in the microprocessor sector, Intel is the focus topic of this 15-page report.

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McWilliams covers these topics and more in his recent reports:

-- The tech pundits were largely disappointed by Apple's new iPad, but will it be a winner with consumers? What key technology in the iPad should have made headlines but was barely mentioned in the write-ups? Will Qualcomm continue to be a big beneficiary of the Apple's success?

-- Following conversations with DragonWave management, McWilliams offered subscribers an in depth assessment of the company on the heels of its revenue warning. Has the announcement created a notable buying opportunity for investors ahead of a potential second-half ramp in growth? Did DragonWave lose business or has revenue just been pushed forward into its May-ending quarter

-- McWilliams called MEMC a "sell" when it was trading near $12 in September 2010. With the stock now 70% lower is time to buy? Is MEMC likely to benefit from a trend toward fully depleted silicon on insulator (FDSOI)? Why do MEMC investors need to understand and fully consider MEMC's balance sheet?

-- Following Texas Instruments' announcement it would buy National Semi for what McWilliams wrote at the time was a substantial premium, McWilliams turned cold on TI. Does McWilliams think the move will play out well for TI in the long run? Has he revised his outlook for TI following its lowered revenue forecast announced yesterday?

-- What is McWilliams revised view of Cypress following its announcement of substantially lowered Q1'11 guidance? McWilliams advised that investors avoid Cypress when it was trading at $16.81. With Cypress now trading near $15.50, should investors consider buying, or does McWilliams believe that a better bargain opportunity will present itself?

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning's model portfolio has returned 296% since its inception versus 51% for the S&P 500.

About Next Inning: Next Inning is a subscription-based investment newsletter that provides regular coverage on more than 150 technology and semiconductor stocks.  Subscribers receive intra-day analysis, commentary and recommendations, as well as access to monthly semiconductor sales analysis, regular Special Reports, and the Next Inning model portfolio. Editor Paul McWilliams is a 30+ year semiconductor industry veteran.

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