NIA Announces Launch of Largest NBC London Olympics Survey

Aug 10, 2012, 07:23 ET from National Inflation Association

FORT LEE, N.J., Aug. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Inflation Association today announced the launch of the official NIA survey of American consumers who used NBC's Olympic TV Everywhere multi-platform services to watch the London Olympic Games live in the U.S. NIA urges all Americans who authenticated their pay-TV subscription to watch NBC's live TV Everywhere streams of the Olympics to participate in this survey immediately by going to: NIA will be announcing the results of its in-depth Olympic TV Everywhere survey to U.S. nationwide media outlets later today.

NIA recognizes pay-TV price inflation to be the #5 worst price inflation crisis in America today. The only types of price inflation currently causing more harm to the standard of living in America are price inflation in food, health insurance, gasoline, and college tuition costs. One of the leading causes of the current pay-TV price inflation crisis is skyrocketing fees being paid by pay-TV companies for the rights to distribute live sports. Pay-TV companies have been bidding up costs for live sports distribution rights so that their #1 competitive threat Netflix can't afford to offer live sports content.

NIA sees the ability to provide live sports content and access to TV Everywhere services as the two biggest advantages of the multi-billion dollar pay-TV giants that will allow them to retain their massive power. NBC's decision to pay $4.38 billion for Olympic broadcast rights through year 2020 is just one example of why we have a pay-TV price inflation crisis in America. NBC's parent company is Comcast and it is likely that millions of Comcast pay-TV subscribers authenticated their Comcast subscription to watch NBC's TV Everywhere coverage of the Olympics.

The majority of U.S. consumers who actively watched NBC's Olympic TV Everywhere streams and were given the ability to watch every single Olympic event live, were probably amazed that Comcast/NBC didn't charge them an extra $100-$200 for access. Pay-TV subscribers are now beginning to realize what an amazing value TV Everywhere brings to their pay-TV package. NBC's Olympic TV Everywhere coverage was the industry's first step towards ending cord-cutting and cord-shaving for good.

With the Olympics coming to an end this weekend, NIA expects wealthy investors on Wall Street to begin actively searching this weekend for companies in the TV Everywhere space with the technology and solutions that made NBC's Olympic TV Everywhere coverage possible. NBC recently announced that in just the first 10 days of the Olympics, 7.6 million Americans successfully authenticated their pay-TV subscriptions, a new TV Everywhere record for a single event! What company has the technology to authenticate pay-TV subscribers for TV Everywhere?

Synacor, Inc. is a publicly traded U.S. company with TV Everywhere technology and solutions that were used to authenticate a large percentage of NBC's Olympic TV Everywhere users over the past two weeks. Very few people in the investment community are aware of Synacor yet and how they authenticated for NBC the pay-TV subscribers of nearly 40 of the approximately 100 pay-TV companies providing access, including 12 of the 25 pay-TV companies with the most U.S. subscribers. One of Synacor's latest TV Everywhere clients is Dish Network, the 3rd largest pay-TV company in America with over 14 million subscribers.

NIA believes that as soon as the Olympics are over, Americans who enjoyed NBC's Olympic TV Everywhere content will begin to use TV Everywhere services on a regular basis. NIA expects companies in the TV Everywhere space to see a major boom in their businesses with unprecedented growth between now and the end of 2012. The TV Everywhere boom could potentially rival the social networking boom and the recent huge growth experienced by companies like Facebook. So far the biggest and most popular TV Everywhere network is HBO GO. The former Senior Vice President of HBO Broadband who is well-known in the pay-TV industry as being the visionary and driving force behind the creation and launch of HBO GO, recently left HBO to join Synacor. NIA recently purchased a 2% position in Synacor.

Besides HBO GO, the biggest TV Everywhere network launches so far are MAX GO, Showtime, TNT, TBS, TruTV, FOX, Cartoon Network, WatchESPN, CNN, Headlines News, Adult Swim, Epix, BTN, YES, MSG, Speed 2, and Big Ten. Synacor is authenticating for these TV Everywhere networks the subscribers of nearly all of the same major pay-TV companies as the Olympics. Just about every other major TV network has either already announced their plans to soon launch their own TV Everywhere platforms or intend to announce them in the near-future.

The popularity of this year's Olympics has far surpassed the highest expectations of Comcast, NIA, and just about everybody on Wall Street and in the mainstream media. Most experts in the media and on Wall Street were predicting a 5% to 10% decline in TV ratings for the 2012 London Games vs. the 2008 Beijing Games, but the exact opposite occurred. NBC further shocked the world by announcing a record breaking 7.6 million authenticated TV Everywhere users in just the first 10 days of the Olympics.

NBC also just announced that over the first 10 days of the Olympics, they delivered 102.6 million total TV Everywhere streams with 45.2 million of them being live. NIA finds it unbelievable that NBC's 45.2 million live streams were up 355% from 10 million live streams in the first 10 days of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and in 2008 users weren't required to authenticate!

NIA is going to make history later today when it releases the results of its Olympic TV Everywhere survey. NIA's unbiased survey will expose the truth about just how successful NBC's London Olympic coverage has been. Please take one minute of your time to participate in NIA's survey immediately by going to:

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