NIA Releases Meltup Update Video

Jun 14, 2010, 17:28 ET from National Inflation Association

FORT LEE, N.J., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Inflation Association is pleased to announce that it has released an update to its latest critically acclaimed documentary 'Meltup'. Meltup was released exactly one month ago and has already received over 561,000 views with an overwhelming 96% of its viewers giving it a thumbs up.

NIA's new Meltup Update Video is 7 minutes long and was produced in the same quality as the documentary. It goes over the most important economic events that have taken place since the release of Meltup. The video offers evidence that Americans are beginning to become educated to the truth about the U.S. economy and inflation. It also offers hope that even the U.S. government may be beginning to move in the right direction.

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