Niagara Falls Transit renews its trust in Nova Bus; The Niagara Parks Commission adds Nova LFS to its Fleet

Nov 06, 2011, 13:18 ET from NOVA BUS

Niagara Falls Transit and The Niagara Parks Commission have placed an order valued at $18
million for a mix of clean-diesel 40-foot Nova LFS and 62-foot articulated LFX buses.

ST-EUSTACHE, QC, Nov. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - After their latest positive experience in 2009, Niagara Falls Transit has decided to once again turn to Nova Bus to increase their fleet of 40-foot buses and produce their first BRT vehicles. The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC), meanwhile, has worked with Niagara Falls Transit and The City of Niagara Falls on the establishment of an enhanced Visitor Transportation System for the Park and City that will result in the purchase of new clean-diesel vehicles to replace NPC's aging and inaccessible Peoplemover buses.

"We are proud to continue to partner with Niagara Falls Transit, and we look forward to building just as strong a relationship with The Niagara Parks Commission as they look to enhance service within the Parks, particularly with a new BRT offering," said Gilles Dion, president and CEO of Nova Bus.

Niagara Falls Transit General Manager, Dave Stuart stated "Staff at both organizations are impressed with the contemporary design of Nova buses. We feel the interior amenities are attractive and well thought out for customers requiring greater levels of accessibility. With respect to engineering, our maintenance personnel are impressed with their robust design and low operating costs and our bus operators truly enjoy driving them. They have been a great addition to our fleet as we further enhance the service Niagara Falls Transit provides to our residents and the many visitors we provide transportation to throughout our bustling community."

According to NPC Interim Chair Janice Thomson, "Improving and upgrading our existing Peoplemover system with this new fleet of buses will improve the overall guest experience of Niagara Parks. The transportation services we have provided over the past 26-years have been a tremendous success; however our fleet had come to show its age, was not accessible and did not connect fully with properties outside of the Park. These new buses and our partnership with the community will alleviate these concerns. NPC's drivers and maintenance staff share our excitement at the opportunities to maximize customer service, made possible by these upgrades to our transportation fleet."

By combining their procurement, both authorities will benefit from Nova Bus' common platform for the 40- foot Nova LFS and the 62-foot articulated LFX buses. High commonality translates into effective maintenance, streamlined training and simplified parts management, providing quality performance and productivity.

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