Nielsen Survey Finds Captivate Network Achieving Results Most Desired by Advertisers

Growth, Engagement and Trust Define the Captivate Experience

Apr 02, 2012, 09:05 ET from Captivate Network

CHELMSFORD, Mass., April 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Captivate Network, the leading digital media company providing customized, actionable information to millions of on-the-go business professionals across North America, has received very positive results from Nielsen as part of their October, 2011 On Location Study. The research found strong growth in impressions, audience size, engagement and reach. It also showed important details on Captivate Network's audience characteristics and the value people place on its programming.

Based on the study, Captivate now delivers more than 30 million monthly impressions in the U.S. and nearly 5 million in Canada. This is the result of the growing size of the Captivate audience, traffic measurement, the high percentage of people who report noticing Captivate's content (95 percent in the U.S., 93 percent in Canada) and the total time spent exposed to the content.

In addition to reaching a growing number of individuals, Captivate delivers its impressions to an increasingly affluent audience. In the U.S., Captivate viewers have an average household income of $107K, while in Canada that income is $103K. Viewers are also largely professional (63 percent in the U.S., 58 percent in Canada), well educated (68 percent in the U.S., 78 percent in Canada) and right in advertisers' demographic sweet spot (39 y.o. in the U.S., 38 y.o. in Canada).

"We're extremely pleased with the data provided by Nielsen's research," said Mike DiFranza, founder and president of Captivate Network. "It really demonstrates the growing reach, effectiveness and impact of digital place-based media. Not only are more people being exposed to our advertisers' messages, they also report enjoying and discussing the content with their colleagues at growing rates."

"We've been measuring out-of-home audiences for more than 25 years," said Paul Lindstrom, senior vice president, On Location for Nielsen, "and Captivate has taken a strong leadership role in advancing audience measures in this space.  Comparing the most recent study to past studies, Captivate has enjoyed very strong growth in overall audience size and increases in important metrics for engagement viewer feedback to programming improvements and the quality of Captivate's content."

Engagement in the U.S.– which is measured by how many people notice the Captivate screens, watch for the entire ride duration, share what they've learned via word of mouth and are able to recall– have all increased. Not only have these metrics improved, more importantly the number of people who have been motivated to act by what they have seen on Captivate has increased dramatically. 

The number of people who report having purchased a product they've seen on a Captivate screen has increase by 78 percent. There has been a 40 percent increase in the number of people visiting a Web site mentioned on Captivate. There has also been a 32 percent increase in the number of people who strongly say they've discussed Captivate's programming with others.

When it comes to the content that is being discussed in the workplace, it's clear that the office is a central source for information. Captivate viewers report that 39 percent of their financial discussions take place in the office along with 38 percent of technology conversations and 20 percent of their automotive discussions. This makes providing valid and valuable information in this environment critical.

"The workplace is one of the original 'social networks' and office water cooler conversations continue to be incredibly important for sharing and shaping ideas and opinions," said DiFranza. "As the Nielsen results show, Captivate is one of the most influential and effective channels in the office environment. We're pleased to offer our advertisers a welcome and valued way to reach influential, well-educated and high-income individuals effectively during the busy workday."

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