NiGen BioTech's™ "The HCG Solution" Flying Off the Shelf at Walmart After Dr. Oz Show

Feb 07, 2013, 04:08 ET from NiGen BioTech

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Oz is always at the forefront when it comes to research breakthroughs, so it's no surprise that when he featured HCG diets on his show yesterday, HCG diet products once again became an overnight topic of conversation. Dr. Oz told his audience that while he'd done a feature on HCG diets last year, he'd decided to revisit the topic after some brand new research became available which showed people on an HCG diet lost an average of 13 pounds, 11 of which was fat.

"We were very excited to hear that Dr. Oz had agreed to do another segment on HCG diets, because thousands upon thousands of people swear by them," says Chantelle Daines, spokesperson for NiGen BioTech™, makers of The HCG Solution™, which has been selling like hotcakes at Walmart, Rite Aid, local GNC retailers, and online at (don't try Walgreens or CVS… they don't have it). "Dr. Oz made it very clear that HCG diets are among the most controversial in the industry, yet two of the guest doctors on his show offer them as weight-loss options to their patients, and members of the audience spoke about the success they've had using them."

HCG diets typically involve prescription HCG injections that are designed to help decrease a person's appetite and help them stick to a very low calorie diet (VLCD)… patients are allowed only 500 calories per day. And some claim remarkable results, losing as much as 100 pounds in only a short time. However, Dr. Oz spoke out against the dangers of these VLCDs, cautioning his audience members against following any weight-loss program of less than 1200 calories per day without being under the care of a professional. He also pointed out numerous times that he was talking about the injectable form of HCG. Many companies offer liquid drops that they claim contain minute amounts of the intact HCG hormone, such as products labeled as "homeopathics," and Dr. Oz clearly stated that these HCG drops don't work.

Dr. Amy Heaton, scientific consultant for NiGen BioTech, agrees: "When taken orally, the HCG hormone would be broken down and would never reach the bloodstream intact. That's why we formulated our branded HCG Solution to contain the full spectrum of human chorionic gonadotropin amino acid isolates derived from certified grade raw materials (the very purest materials available), combined with a proprietary extract that's been proven in two clinical trials to reduce the percentage of body fat."

"We are happy to see that the results of the HCG study announced on the Dr. Oz Show in many ways mimic the studies conducted on the key extract in our branded HCG Solution," says Ms. Daines. "The key extract was proven to cause a significant loss in body fat (an average of 14.6%), so study subjects lost not just body weight, but unsightly, unhealthy body fat."

Unlike the HCG drops condemned by Dr. Oz, the fat-burning component of The HCG Solution has been clinically proven. Two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trials have been published in the literature regarding the weight-loss benefits of the key extract. The first study, published in 2007,(J. E. Oben, et al., 2007) involved individuals of both sexes who were classified as obese (BMI>30 kg/m2). The volunteers received two daily doses in the form of capsules of either the key extract found in The HCG Solution (35 volunteers) or a placebo (33 volunteers) for 6 weeks, and each group consumed 2100 kilocalories/day. The capsules were identical in shape, color, and appearance, and neither the participants nor the researchers were informed as to which capsule each volunteer received. The volunteers' weights were measured after 12 hours of fasting using a Tanita™ scale at baseline and at the 6-week duration of the study.

Results show that after only six weeks of supplementation, The HCG Solution key extract led to a significant weight reduction compared to placebo in the volunteers, which averaged 10.6 lbs compared to baseline. In contrast, the placebo did not yield any significant weight change despite both groups having consumed the same 2100 kilocalorie/day diet. These exciting results enticed investigators to carry out yet another clinical trial to further investigate the weight and fat loss properties of this powerful extract.

In this second randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, published in 2008,(J. E. Oben, et al., 2008) 48 obese and overweight subjects were randomly divided into two equal groups (n=24). No major changes in diet or exercise were suggested to the volunteers. The groups received either the same key extract found in The HCG Solution or a placebo twice daily before meals with 8-10 ounces of water. The capsules were identical in shape, color, and appearance, and neither the participants nor the researchers knew which treatment was administered. During the 10-week study period, subjects were evaluated for body weight, percent body fat, and waist circumference. Body weight and percent body fat were measured using a Tanita™ BC-418 Segmental Body Composition Analyzer/Scale that uses a bio-electrical impedance method for body composition analysis. Waist circumference was measured by soft, non-stretchable plastic tape on the narrowest and the widest parts of the trunk, and the values were averaged.

Of important note, some of the waist circumference values from the original publication (J. E. Oben, et al., 2008) raised questions. Indeed, it was verified by the study author J. Oben that a different technician had carried out select waist measurements that were likely taken at a point lower than the navel, as had been the case for the prior measurements from the previous technician. NiGen BioTech therefore acquired the raw data from the study and excluded measurements from the study volunteers that were conducted by this alternative technician. This led to the removal of one volunteer's data from the placebo group and removal of 6 volunteers' data from The HCG Solution extract group.

After 8 weeks of treatment, the group taking the same key extract found in The HCG Solution had lost a significant 16.3 pounds compared to baseline (p<0.05), which increased to 19.4 pounds by week 10 (p<0.01). These results were also significant compared to placebo. In contrast, no weight changes were significant for the placebo group for the duration of the study.

So if you're interested in trying it, don't settle for substitutes or look-alikes. Be sure that any liquid HCG drops you buy are branded with the trade name The HCG Solution and manufactured by NiGen BioTech. Where can you find it? Don't look for it at Walgreens or CVS... they don't have it. Your best bets are Walmart, Rite Aid, and your local GNC, or direct from the manufacturer at or 1-800-600-9420.

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