Night-Night, Sleep Tight...Don't Let the Hotel Bed Bugs Bite!

Sep 02, 2010, 13:30 ET from Rest Easy Bedbug Spray

STUART, Fla., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- They're BAA-AACK! Thirty years after bed bugs were believed to be exterminated nationwide, the teeny, insidious bloodsuckers—which feast on sleeping humans—are making a comeback of epidemic proportions.

They're being spotted in hotels from coast to coast. And not just the expected "fleabag" motels, but posh resorts and upscale chains. In a recent study of 700 mid-priced hotels, 25% were found to host uninvited guests. That gives you a 1-in-4 chance of bunking down with some unexpected roomies on your next trip.

If you awaken with red, itchy welts and irritated skin, you've been punked, bed-bug style. Some people even experience allergic reactions.

So, what's a thoroughly creeped-out traveler to do? You don't have to cancel your plans. Instead, arm yourself with Rest Easy, an all-natural spray that keeps bed bugs at bay. Made from time-honored essential oils (cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, and mint), it's people-safe, earth-friendly, and even smells of minty goodness.

Good to know: the presence of cimex lectularius, aka the common bed bug, has nothing to do with cleanliness and everything to do with a transient population. Formerly wiped out in the U.S. by the now-banned pesticide DDT, bed bugs continued to flourish in other parts of the world. As global travel increased, they've hitchhiked their way back in on airplanes, luggage, and yes, travelers.

Found wherever people come and go—like hotel rooms, airports, and dorms—the 1/4" inch long nocturnal pests hide in furniture seams, box springs, and even tiny floor cracks, patiently awaiting a host. (They can live without eating for up to a year.)

The solution: spray Rest Easy around your hotel room when you arrive. It will kill some of them outright, and keep the rest deep in their hidey-holes.

Rest Easy comes in a 2-ounce spray bottle that's carry-on friendly. A twin pack is available at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Duane Reade pharmacies in the New York area. You can buy it online at, where it's also sold in larger quantities for home use.

In 2006, the city of New York received more than 4,500 bed bug complaints...which, come to think of it, may be why it's called the city that never sleeps.

SOURCE Rest Easy Bedbug Spray