Nirvanix Launches Industry's First Hybrid Cloud Storage Service

New Nirvanix(R) hNode(TM) provides high speed access to scalable cloud storage, secured and fully managed within the datacenter


- New unparalleled hNode solution delivers on premise, fully managed cloud storage for secure and rapid storage of large file-based datasets.

- Designed to provide flexibility to comply with even the most stringent corporate or legal data retention policies by containing data within a datacenter while still enabling transfer to the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network(TM) for optimizing business processes and workflow.

- Standard global capabilities include the ability to federate multiple hNodes between geographically dispersed data centers with policy based remote replication functionality included.

- Based on the same technology that powers the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, Verizon Cloud Storage and Swisscom Secure Storage.

- Works with the Nirvanix API, Nirvanix CloudNAS, and with backup and archiving software from CommVault, Atempo, Arkeia, Gladinet, Nasuni, Ocarina Networks, Tarmin, and others.

Jun 29, 2010, 08:35 ET from Nirvanix

SAN DIEGO, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Nirvanix, the premier enterprise cloud storage service provider, today launched hNode™ – an unparalleled hybrid cloud storage solution that combines the scalability, ease of management and compelling economics of public cloud storage with the security and control of private cloud storage. Nirvanix's hNode provides large organizations with the flexibility to comply with even the most stringent corporate and legal data retention policies by containing data to within their facilities while still enabling policy-based data transfer to the Storage Delivery Network (SDN) for optimizing business processes and workflow – globally.



hNode: Secure in the data center with policy-based replication and access to the global SDN

Nirvanix hNode includes all the networking hardware, software and storage needed to provide an on-premise cloud storage solution contained in a minimum 200 TB configuration, expandable to petabytes of storage per location. The customer provides data center space, power and cooling and Nirvanix staff monitor, manage and maintain the solution. Nirvanix hNode provides seamless horizontal expansion allowing the addition of hNodes in any location all federated under a single global namespace. The included policy based replication allows organizations to avoid the high cost of traditional replication licenses and enables granular control of how and where data is stored, either within an hNode for content that can't leave the datacenter or replicated to the Storage Delivery Network unleashing additional capacity, performance, and distributed access capabilities.

hNode: Powered by market-leading cloud storage technology

Nirvanix was the first enterprise cloud storage service and has spent over three years developing market-leading cloud storage technology and partnerships that simplify access. Nirvanix hNode utilizes the Nirvanix Internet File System (IFS) enabling massive scalability designed to handle millions of users and billions of files under a single global namespace. This means that each hNode can scale to meet even the largest storage requirements while enabling instant access and insight into content. In addition, hNode has various access methods including the Nirvanix API (SOAP/REST), Nirvanix CloudNAS (CIFS/NFS), and through multiple ISVs including CommVault, Atempo, Arkeia, Gladient, Nasuni, Ocarina Networks, Tarmin, Vembu and others.

"If you're looking at the cloud with thoughts of accessing new classes of storage or compute with better economics than ever available before, then Nirvanix is once again showcasing how it should be done," said Jeff Boles, Sr. Analyst and Director of Validation Services at The Taneja Group.  "In the midst of all of the cloud buzz, too many vendors miss that the cloud is about unlocking new ways for customers to use IT and benefit.  Nirvanix gets this, and with hNode, Nirvanix is bringing not just a gateway appliance, but rather the full Nirvanix cloud to the customers' premises – with all the benefits of elastic scale, API accessibility, sophisticated geographic dispersal, and more.  I fully expect hNode's security, high speed access, and flexible integration with other Nirvanix storage nodes to keep Nirvanix at the head of the pack when it comes to delivering cloud storage that can address challenging content demands behind enterprise-sized customers."

"Nirvanix hNode provides a unique solution that combines the scalability and ease of management of our enterprise cloud storage service with the security, control and visibility of having a storage solution within your datacenter," said Jim Zierick, President and CEO of Nirvanix. "Large organizations now have the ability to define where they want to store their data, whether it's keeping it secure within the four walls of their datacenter or unleashing the capacity and distributed access capabilities of the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network. We are excited to once again be leading the cloud storage market by providing a unique, innovative solution that can immediately simplify organizations' storage management processes and optimize their workflows globally."

About Nirvanix

Nirvanix's mission is to ease the burden of storage management for organizations while enabling secure and reliable access to data worldwide. Nirvanix provides the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN), a fully-managed, secure cloud storage service developed for today's enterprises. The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, providing the optimal user experience. Nirvanix customers range from Internet startups to Fortune 10 organizations.

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