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National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors, www.nmfla.com, real estate loan audit / finance experts, featured in press as one of America's Premier Experts, in recognition of being leading experts in the real estate loan and mortgage violation audit industry. National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors, considered nationwide as the premier audit firm, will now be offering their services to the public through providing educational products.

Dec 01, 2010, 20:35 ET from Fidelity Financial Group

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors (www.nmfla.com) and Fidelity Financial Group, America's leading real estate finance and mortgage loan audit experts, were recently featured in the press showcasing the one big business idea given to business owners to help them thrive in our current economy. The experts featured are dedicated to spreading knowledge, educational tools and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to the real estate finance industry and the marketplace as a whole.

National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors, which is a Firm that specializes in residential and commercial loan audit services, has recently opened its doors to homeowners and consumers allowing the public to obtain these services directly from the firm via educational products. NMFLA has been viewed as America's premier loan auditing firm to correspondent lending institutions, federal banking associations, law firms, wholesale lenders and direct lending institutions across the country. National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors now wants to expand and concentrate their efforts on helping the general population more effectively obtain loan modifications and ensure enforceable loans. This break-through company is led by a very effective and experienced management team that is sure to make a huge impact in an industry that is in anxious need of assistance.

National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors is a national compliance management firm which provides professional, advisory, and consulting services to financial institutions, mortgage bankers, real estate attorneys, consumer lending entities, and homeowners. Our expertise addresses all critical areas associated with regulatory matters, compliance, and quality control. NMFLA.com can assist clients in meeting the oversight of regulators, fair lending mandates, and maintaining internal lending integrity and validation practices through independent quality control audits.

National Mortgage Loan Auditors provides you with the evidence and support you can trust to help you seek better modification terms, restructuring of new terms, principal or rate reduction, or continued discovery. With the greatest potential to alleviate "normal modification" setbacks and re-occurrence of default, qualified and objective evidence helps simplify negotiations and stay using the information and support provided by National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors.

The other importance of the mortgage audit findings is that it may be the grounds to help move a non-judicial foreclosure action (currently in 29 states), if necessary, into jurisdiction, which can stop foreclosure in its tracks. More importantly, borrowers regardless of financial hardship and payment history now have the chance for a better position to negotiate new terms or loan settlement. Violations found in a loan audit can help place the borrower in the offense! We at National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors help legal professionals navigate through the process with our learning channels, which we find critical for those legal advisors that are looking to make the audit solution part of their business practice. Information is only as good as the ones that know how best to use it.

Mr. Michael Kennedy, an executive with NMFLA, has a philosophy of "partnering" with his clients every step of the way from the initial meeting through the funding process to ensure a clear understanding of his client's financial goals and objectives. With his commitment to outstanding service, Mr. Kennedy personally manages each critical step of the financing process while constantly monitoring alternative strategies until the deal is fully approved, funded, modified, and completed. Kennedy will be participating with other selected celebrity experts across various industries in multiple initiatives over the course of the year and will be weighing in on key subjects to consumers and businesses alike.

Mr. Kennedy was interviewed about the current loan modification boom, and the perks it has to offer compared to traditional financing. "Very simply put - a loan audit will result in a renegotiation of the terms of your mortgage through your existing bank to modify the rate and terms of your mortgage, without the need to refinance, the only way to ensure you receive the best terms and ensure the loan is enforceable," explained Kennedy.

"There are millions of responsible families out there that make their monthly payments, and they fulfill their obligations, but they've seen their property values fall and are unable to refinance at lower mortgage rates," remarked Mr. Kennedy. "These people are going to be in a tight situation unless they do something quickly – and that's where we come in to play; a forensic loan audit is necessary in order to ensure a loan modification or workout will take place. We have successfully reduced principle balances and rates that are so significant that you would not believe me until you actually saw the revised documents yourself," Kennedy continued.

Our executive and operations management teams consist of best-selling authors who are regularly sought out by the media to give expert opinions. Many have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates as well as seen in USA Today, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal. Our management has a mission statement and passion for helping people and they are active in speaking with clients regularly.

National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors are in the business of helping homeowners that are trapped in their mortgages to continue living the American Dream of home ownership. We are dedicated to providing solutions to homeowners experiencing trouble with their mortgage. We negotiate with lenders to find solutions that will reduce monthly expenses and allow owners to keep their home. During the process we will keep you informed, engaged and moving toward an early resolution.

For more information about National Mortgage Forensic Loan Auditors, please visit http://www.NMFLA.com

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