No Cost Rattlesnake Removal from the Nature-Cide Snake Prevention Unit

Feb 04, 2013, 20:01 ET from Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PSHR) When the temperature rises in Southern California, rattlesnakes come out in droves.  The snakes like the heat as much as we do, so there's a good chance you might see one if you're out and about in local wilderness areas.

As the six species of rattlesnakes indigenous to the Southland slither into the sun with warmer weather, curious kids, unsuspecting gardeners, nature lovers and their dogs will end up in emergency rooms and veterinarian offices with potentially debilitating, and on rare occasions, deadly snake bites. Clashes with potentially deadly reptiles show no sign of slowing.

"Here at Nature-Cide, our Snake Prevention Unit is already getting calls from residents and ranch owners from all parts of Calabassas, Woodland Hills, Malibu and the surrounding areas for snake prevention services before the season even gets underway," says Nature-Cide snake handler Dave Wise.

Nature-Cide is the POISON FREE way to repel dangerous snakes and all types of other pests and insects while keeping your family free from the harmful effects of the usual poisonous pesticides and insecticides. Nature-Cide was developed in response to known health hazards, public outcry and consumer demand; the use of dangerous chemicals and other poisons is simply no longer tolerable in today's society.

"Chemical and poison free has rapidly become the standard by which all future industry products will be measured," according to Matthew Mills, President and CEO of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc., the manufacturer of this revolutionary new product. Nature-Cide is a pleasantly aromatic, chemical and poison free pesticide and repellent that will help keep snakes and other pests from coming near you, your home and your pets. "Everything wants to get away from this products scent," states Mills.

"We are expecting a record number of emergency snake calls this season as our Nature-Cide offices are already being contacted from residents and ranch owners preparing for a long season. To assist the local community in staying safe, we are offering to remove rattlesnakes at no cost, just call our toll free snake prevention hotline at (877) 248-0488," says Wise.

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