No Matter How You Get to Dr. J, He Is Here For You

Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad's office might be on Rodeo Drive, but his prices aren't stuck in the Beverly Hills tax bracket.

Oct 17, 2012, 19:01 ET from Dr. J Plastic Surgery

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS performs his cosmetic procedures, including low-scar tummy tuck and rapid recovery breast augmentation, in Beverly Hills, but that doesn't mean his influence is limited to the Los Angeles area. Patients have cabbed from around Southern California, driven down the Pacific Coast, and flown in from all around the globe, just to meet with "Dr. J," as they affectionately call him.

Some will pair their cosmetic procedure recovery period with a little respite in Los Angeles. For example, one of Dr. J's patients spent her breast augmentation recovery  time staying with friends, taking it easy. Then, only a few days after surgery, she was able to pack up her car and drive back home to San Jose. Others are a little more efficient. Dr. J recalls a recent follow-up appointment, "I saw my patient who I had operated on 3 weeks prior. She flies in from San Francisco, arrives at 12, gets a cab, comes to her follow-up appointment at 1 on Rodeo Drive, then—with the same cab—goes back to the airport and flies back to San Francisco!"

Yet, Dr. J's artistic approach to plastic surgery isn't just limited to those with a jet-setting budget. His office may be so quintessentially and glamorously Beverly Hills—in fact, it was even shown on an episode of Modern Family—but his costs are decidedly universal.

Primarily, this is because Dr. J's experience and efficiency keep operating expenses and recovery times low. He's a double board certified plastic surgeon who has honed the craft of certain procedures to maximize their aesthetic outcome while minimizing their invasiveness. This includes his low-scar tummy tuck, which leaves fewer, more modest scars than usual. Similarly, his breast augmentation cost is reduced by his use of a "rapid recovery" technique. It's less invasive and is always an outpatient procedure, with minimal recuperation time, allowing patients to minimize time off work.

Dr. J's well-known Brazilian butt lift uses liposculpture to artistically create more feminine curves on the woman's body, while adding that fat to the buttocks. This removes any complications associated with adding a foreign object to the body, as is the case with many other buttock augmentation procedures. Furthermore, his adeptness and speed mean that Dr. J is capable of performing more procedures in a day. When a surgeon like Dr. J works in volume, that doctor is able to charge less for each surgery done.

Ideologically, Dr. J likes to keep his rates affordable as well. He's in the plastic surgery business to help people, not just make money. He's seen so many settle for under-skilled—and sometimes dangerous—cosmetic work in less reputable clinics. Perhaps the pricey stigma associated with the location of his office turns people away, when the reality is that those seeking plastic or reconstructive surgery shouldn't be intimidated by the quality he proffers.

He has stated, "I don't want to label my services as a bargain—because of all of the negative connotations associated with the word—but I really do believe that my skillset could be valued way above what I charge." This is most recently evidenced by his volunteer work, which most recently took him to Peru. There, he performed many life-changing operations, including work on cleft lip and palate, burn scars, and dog-mauling attacks.

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