No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Allows Families to Prepare for the Future by Purchasing Over the Internet

Aug 22, 2013, 17:32 ET from EQuote

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The time consuming nature of a medical exam often deters individuals from signing up for term life insurance. Despite the security and protection provided by having a life insurance policy, many families are not willing to deal with the medical process. The advent of term life insurance, without the requirement of a medical exam, has evened out the playing field for families to prepare for unfortunate circumstance. Life insurance remaining a central part of family planning has been revisited with a large number of insurance companies embracing no medical exam term life insurance.


On top of the absence of a medical exam, term life insurance gives consumers the option to purchase life insurance for a block of time. Whether it's 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years, many companies offer plans which guarantee a return premium process.

One of the preeminent leaders in brokering insurance policies through an internet platform, EQUOTE, partners a consumer with a life insurance company that best fits their needs. Once consumers find a life insurance provider and a policy that works with each unique desire, the aid found is incomparable.

"Nothing brings home the importance and value of long term care insurance until a parent requires help in their old age," said Richard Wira, founder of He remembers explaining the importance of term life insurance to his mother-in-law who was a young 81 at the time. She was skeptical, suspicious and reluctant to proceed with coverage. Blessed with good health and living independently, she believed she would never need it. Wira presented various companies and their plans, and she finally agreed to one. Seven years later, she tripped over a garden hose and fell, breaking her hip at the age of 88. Recovering from the fall was difficult and she required help to do the things she used to do on her own. "The benefits in the policy allowed her to continue enjoying a good life despite her need for assistance," continued Wira.  "She was not warehoused in some overcrowded facility but allowed to live in her home. The care she required did not bankrupt her or us."

The benefits of term life insurance cannot be ignored. The accessibility provided by no medical exam term life insurance assures that all individuals are able to receive the same potential care as Wira's mother-in-law. With a few clicks on a computer mouse, users instantly gain access to term life insurance quotes and rates at no inconvenience.

The internet continues to transform day-to-day life and the positive affect it has had on the accessibility of term life insurance reigns supreme. Now is the time to look into a life insurance policy that works best for each individual and family.

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