Noise Free Wireless Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Fortune 100 Provider of Enterprise Networking Equipment

Aug 31, 2010, 05:00 ET from Noise Free Wireless, Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Noise Free Wireless announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership with one of the two largest manufacturers of enterprise networking equipment in the world.  The agreement provides the manufacturer with background noise cancellation and call clarity enhancement in a number of voice application servers including voice mail, voice recognition, speech recognition, and conference calls.

"Current market norms result in up to 35% drop rate in automated calls," said Noise Free Wireless CEO Don Seferovich, who noted that, "Our patented technologies minimize background noise leading to a substantial reduction in miscommunication and drop rates" 

Noise Free Wireless was chosen from a large pool of competitors due to being the recognized performance leader in the background noise management space while offering extreme optimization in MIPs and code size.  Noise Free's technology enhances call clarity and reduces background noise in a multitude of voice systems and voice devices. 

While many handheld devices already include background noise cancellation technology, there are no standards, and technologies and effectiveness vary by device.  With the implementation of Noise Free's voice gateway application and voice server solutions, call clarity will be enhanced regardless of the handheld device used to complete the call. 

Mr. Seferovich summarized the importance of Noise Free's new partnership by stating, "We are thrilled that our technology will be touching the lives of a very large percentage of the worldwide IP calling population.  This is only the first step and we will continue to look for new and strategic partnerships that will take advantage of our technological lead in increasing voice quality." 

About Noise Free:

Noise Free Wireless, Inc. is the Performance, Feature, and Content leader in the background noise management business.  Noise Free's software-only products run on a broad range of Enterprise Networking and DSP platforms including Windows and Linux.  The company's extensive feature suite is expanding rapidly and currently includes:  Multiple Stationary Noise Cancellation Algorithms, Smart Detection, Intelligibility, Echo Cancellation, and is optimized to require extremely low power, small MIP's, small Memory Footprint, and others.

Noise Free's software products are ideally suited for mobile, fixed, and network voice-centric communications applications including Standard and Smart Cellular Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, IP Handsets (wired and wireless), Voice Gateways, Voice Servers, and Conferencing Systems, and many others.

Noise Free's mission is to provide its manufacturers and partners the "Competitive Edge" and uniqueness in their Enterprise, Medium and Small Business, and Consumer product offerings by dramatically increasing the quality of user experience (QoE) in voice communications.

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