Noise Free Wireless Signs Deal With Second Large Customer


Oct 12, 2010, 05:00 ET from Noise Free Wireless

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Noise Free Wireless (NoiseFree) announced today that it has signed a strategic multi-year contract to supply its noise management software to a manufacturer of cellular smart phone semiconductors.  Included in the contract are maintenance, service, and update provisions.  Noise management has become a significant differentiating factor in smart phones as customers have come to expect more noise suppression and voice performance for the premium price.

The semiconductor company had been talking with and evaluating noise cancellation software suppliers for more than a year before it approached NoiseFree.  After months of evaluation, it chose NoiseFree as a strategic partner in the development of premium noise management software in a new family of cellular smart phone chips.  "We are gratified that this smart phone chip supplier sought us out and that our intellectual property and years of development for the cellular phone market have been validated by the customer," said CTO Alon Konchitsky.  "We have worked very hard over the past three years build on our substantial patent portfolio and to develop our WhisperZone™ and WindShield™ software to consume far less power and memory than that of our rivals in the industry.  Our 15 patents and applications were a key factor in our selection by this smart phone chip manufacturer.  It gave them comfort in the depth of our technology and the technology innovation of our engineers."

About NoiseFree:

NoiseFree is a performance leader in background noise management software for mobile and enterprise voice network applications.  The company has created an intelligent systems approach which is designed to mimic human biology to improve voice clarity in communications devices.  Bio-acoustics and psychoacoustics principles are applied to various types of stationary and non-stationary noise to rapidly detect and cancel or mitigate the unwanted noise.

WhisperZone™ stationary and WindShield™ non-stationary noise cancellation provide state of the art performance, running on a broad range of digital signal processors (DSP).  Its intellectual property (IP) portfolio continues to expand with more than 15 patents granted and applied for.  The NoiseFree mission is to provide its business customers with a competitive edge and "dramatically" increase the Quality-of-Experience (QoE) for voice application users everywhere.  For more information please visit

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