Non Profit Calls for Federal Criminal Investigation Into the Death of George Bush Technology Expert Michael Connell

Feb 16, 2010, 08:18 ET from

RFK Jr. Says Case More Serious Than Watergate

New Magazine Article Raises Serious Questions About The Legitimacy Of GOP Election Results And The Official Explanation Of Connell's Death

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Project Censored named the story about Michael Connell's role in the rigging of George Bush's two elections one of the top most censored stories of 2008 and 2009 because the mainstream media never reported on it. But finally, in February 2010, reporter Simon Worrall went straight for the heart of the story—raising disturbing questions about the legitimacy of Bush's election victories, the unusual death of Mr. Connell shortly after he testified in a case looking into those elections, and the media's timidity in investigating the story.

Robert Kennedy Jr. believes that the Department of Justice needs to conduct a criminal investigation into the Connell affair. "I think this is more serious than Watergate," he says. "Watergate was essentially about winning the battle for public opinion. That's why the break-in took place—to gather strategic information about Democratic strategy and dirt. But the electoral process remained intact. The Ohio vote undermines the very foundation stone of American democracy. There should be an official investigation. Otherwise this becomes a blueprint for how to steal an election from here to eternity."

Worrall spent nearly a year researching and writing the article. Its central thesis is that Mr. Connell had the motive, opportunity, knowledge and intent to ensure that George Bush won his elections. He was a cyber expert working for Bush, the GOP, and the RNC, all under the direction of Karl Rove. According to the article, he set up a man in the middle computer attack that was able to manipulate the election results in favor of Bush. For the first time, reporter Worrall quotes from a contract between the Ohio Secretary of State and Mr. Connell's company, which specifically subcontracted the mirroring and remote access of election night reporting to Smartech, the GOP-controlled computer company in Tennessee. Three times on election night 2004, Smartech took over the Ohio election severs and, according to computer expert Stephen Spoonamore, changed the results.

The article also raises serious questions about the sudden death of Mr. Connell shortly after the 2008 elections. He was killed in an airplane crash after meeting someone in Washington on December 19, 2008. Reporter Worrall quotes from an "after action report" that was sent to the FBI by a member of a black ops team that had been ordered to sabotage Mr. Connell's plane while it was parked at a small restricted airport in the Washington, DC area. A "number of experts from the intelligence community who have seen the document believe it may be genuine," reports Worrall. Also, Mr. Connell's wife says that his Blackberry was missing from the crash site. "On it were hundreds, if not thousands, of sensitive files and e-mails relating to Karl Rove and the Bush administration." Moreover, the site was cleaned up in the dead of night and military personnel were present shortly after the crash.

Mr. Connell's sister Shannon is "convinced [her brother] was murdered" because he knew too much. She said, "His death would have been a really nice Christmas present for Rove and Cheney." Mr. Connell's wife Heather no longer rejects that possibility.,, a project of the non-partisan watchdog group Velvet Revolution, calls on Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the life and death of Michael Connell.