Nonprofit Creates Their Own Stimulus By Hiring People

Dec 20, 2010, 11:22 ET from Community Clearinghouse Agency Inc.

LANCASTER, Pa., Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today's declining economy creates ever increasing financial stress and pressures, causing a struggle to make ends meet. To help solve this problem, a new public service is making its debut nationwide. Community Clearinghouse Agency Inc. is sponsoring a Barter Trade Exchange Network forming a new type of barter service. The new program not only provides income but things people need without spending their money. The agency plans to create some 1500 jobs hiring in all fifty states pumping over $50 million into the economy.

Bartering is thousands of years old, people traded vegetables for grain, the problem was, what if you didn't have vegetables or the other person doesn't need grain? There was no deal; not so with an Exchange. You deal with members who can help you using trade dollars, just like cash.  Someone always needs what you have and has what you need; transactions are processed as credits through your account. An initial zero interest credit line of $500 is provided with larger credit lines available.

Dale Vega, Director said "This is not trading, you buy or sell goods and services; printing, healthcare, travel, landscaping, equipment, home repairs, advertising, the list is endless. Help yourself, others and charity too." You can make known your need or service nationwide using the Exchange website ( In addition to membership, the Exchange charges 5% per transaction.  

Mr. Vega stated, "Surviving in this economy requires one to be innovative, creating their own income to acquire what they need, learning to spend less. To succeed, you have to watch where your money goes; barter offers both worlds: every one needs or offers something. In the Exchange, you can buy or sell anywhere in the US."  When barter income is generated the IRS says it's taxable (

CCA ( is a volunteer based social service that started in 1995 assisting abused women and families in need with appliances, computers and furniture, becoming a 501(c)(3) in 2004. The agency anticipates that the new partnership will assist CCA in raising funds to help support their volunteer community service.

For free information and application, you can send a self addressed stamped envelope to CCA P.O. Box 8361 Lancaster, Pa. 17604-8361.  

SOURCE Community Clearinghouse Agency Inc.