NORD Teen Council and Chevron Launch-Chevron Future Leaders Program

Oct 23, 2012, 16:38 ET from Chevron Gulf of Mexico Business Unit

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Chevron announced the creation of the new Chevron Future Leaders Program, at the inaugural meeting of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) Teen Council at the New Orleans Arena this weekend. The NORDC Teen Council was created to empower youth, ages of 12-17, by developing a social growth environment through structured teen programs.


Chevron Future Leaders is the first program to launch in a newly formed partnership with NORDC. This initiative will offer an array of monthly learning activities, events and trips for over 50 Teen Council members. Warner Williams, Vice President, Chevron Gulf of Mexico stated, "This program is one of many Chevron community efforts fashioning a better future for our youth. It is a pleasure to partner with NORDC and the City to invest in the capabilities of over 50 students, teaching them critical life and work skills while reinforcing leadership behaviors and exceptional school performance."

The program is designed to support skills development and enable early career exploration. In order to remain in the program and receive rewards, students must continue to meet GPA, school attendance, and leadership behavior requirements throughout the school year.

"The students represented in the Teen Council went through a rigorous application process, and these young men and women are committed not only to their future but to making their community a better place for all", said Vic Richard, CEO of NORDC. The teens unanimously voted to participate in the program. Teen Council Co-Chair, Therese Tate said, "What most excites me about the Future Leaders Program are the different events and development opportunities and actually having a partnership with an organization like Chevron who can support us in achieving our dreams."

"Public, private partnerships such as these enable us to make sustained change in our communities. What is impressive about Chevron is the time their employees commit to causes such as these, demonstrating how truly passionate they are about education and opportunity for our youth" added Michelle Thomas, Deputy Mayor for Operations, City of New Orleans.

Based in Covington, LA, Chevron's Gulf of Mexico business unit has approximately 1,800 employees and approximately 2,000 contractors daily. Chevron is one of the largest producers and second largest leaseholder on the Gulf of Mexico shelf; and one of the top leaseholders in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

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