NorseCorp™ Launches Instant Accept to Allow Payment Processors to Integrate with QuickBooks

Payment processors can now enable merchants to accept and record transactions within QuickBooks

Oct 25, 2012, 10:28 ET from NorseCorp

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- NorseCorp (, a provider of Internet security intelligence and payments solutions, today announced the launch of Instant Accept™, a new service that allows accountants, payment processors, banks and ISOs to integrate their transaction processing with QuickBooks. Instant Accept gives merchants, through their payment processor, the ability to process and record any form of electronic payment directly through QuickBooks, without the need for manual entry and import of transactions. Resellers can use Instant Accept in conjunction with their existing acquiring programs on all major U.S. banks and processors.

QuickBooks integration marks a major advancement in syncing front-office payment processing with back office accounting. Instant Accept is a true front-office point of sale system that gives merchants the ability to process all types of electronic payments, including ACH transactions, and directly record transactions within QuickBooks as they happen. QuickBooks does not even need to be running at the time of payment processing for Instant Accept to work. Currently, most merchants and businesses have to manually reconcile sales transactions and accounting entries in QuickBooks. With Instant Accept, merchants can seamlessly create new customer accounts, invoices and sales receipts and record transactions all from a single interface.

"For merchants, Instant Accept serves as a virtual point of sale terminal within QuickBooks, and can replace the physical POS terminal. And merchants will not need to switch from their current payment processor to adopt it," said Brent Gephart, Vice President of Payments Strategy and Operations for NorseCorp. "Instant Accept gives merchants a very easy to use interface that takes care of front office and back office paperwork in one stroke."

NorseCorp will offer three versions of the service: Desktop, Enterprise and Cloud. NorseCorp also is developing an online reseller channel for processors to help them offer Instant Accept to their businesses and merchants.

"Integrating payment processing with QuickBooks is a major saver of time and resources for businesses," said Skip Foss, Chief Operating Officer of NorseCorp. "We are already receiving a very positive response from payment processors and their merchant customers on the product's ease of use and the amount of time saved with native QuickBooks integration."

Instant Accept integrates with multiple payment gateways, including NorseCorp's own nGate, one of the strongest and most comprehensive payment gateways on the market today. In a single gateway, nGate gives merchants and businesses the ability to process practically any type of transaction, including retail and online credit/debit cards, ACH and FSA/HSA transactions, eliminating the need for multiple payment gateways. nGate works with all of the major payment processors and more than 50 of the largest banks in the U.S., and in the future will integrate with additional cloud-based business platforms. nGate is now offering reseller and private label versions of its payment gateway platform.

IPViking for Fraud Prevention
nGate, in addition to featuring Instant Accept for QuickBooks, also features NorseCorp's IPViking™ technology. IPViking gives enterprises live, up-to-the-second actionable cybercrime intelligence and tools that dramatically reduce e-commerce fraud and secure their business. IPViking is the only cyber crime intelligence solution that prevents fraudulent transactions through an always-on global cyber intelligence network that continuously listens, identifies, and blocks cyber threats and high-risk Internet traffic. IPViking proactively identifies and blocks bad transactions before they occur, helping merchants and businesses avoid transaction fees and issuer penalties, and enabling acquiring organizations to recruit and retain merchants.

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