North American Electric Distribution Market Forecast: 2008 - 2020 Power Delivery Expenditures Likely to Exceed $57 Billion

Oct 02, 2014, 11:11 ET from The C Three Group, LLC

ATLANTA, Oct. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The C Three Group, LLC ("C Three") announced today the publication of its North American Electric Distribution Market Forecast: 2008 - 2020.  Their research, built on a utility-by-utility basis, indicates that U.S. and Canadian utilities spent over $48 billion on distribution expenditures in 2013 that is likely to grow to over $57 billion in annual spending by 2020.

  • Canadian utilities now account for over 13% of this spending
  • U.S. public power and rural co-op's accounted for over 27%
  • U.S. investor-owned utilities account for almost 60% of the electric distribution spending

Both actual spending 2008 through 2013 and forecasted spending through 2020 are provided for major sub-categories of the utility electric distribution capital expenditure and O&M markets:

  • Conductors
  • Poles
  • Line Transformers
  • Substation equipment and services
  • Underground equipment and services
  • Meters
  • Construction services
  • Vegetation management
  • Location services
  • Pole inspection and treatment

The underground segment of this market is likely to have the most robust growth, accounting for almost 20% of the total O&M and capex spend by 2020.  ConEd, Southern California Edison and Commonwealth Edison have traditionally been the top spenders on underground distribution equipment and services.  However, other utilities such as PEPCO and Dominion expect to spend an increased proportion of their distribution budgets in the underground category. 

Jean Reaves Rollins, president of The C Three Group, stated, "The North American power delivery industry is currently under-going more fundamental changes in its underlying operating assumptions than it has seen since its inception.  Cheap gas, renewables, distributed generation, work-force management systems, enterprise systems, and regulatory construct changes, are forcing utilities to do increase reliability while keeping costs as low as possible.  However, there will still be the need for conductors, poles, connectors, meters and skilled labor in order to keep the lights on.

The North American Electric Distribution Market Forecast 2008 - 2020 is proprietary and is available to the premium subscribers of C Three's North American Energy Infrastructure Databases.  Information on how non-subscribers can purchase this 52 page report can be found on their website

The top 10 utilities in total electric distribution spending from 2008 through 2013, accounting for over $60 billion in equipment, materials, services and salaries are:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Southern California Edison
  • Consolidated Edison 
  • Commonwealth Edison Company
  • Florida Power and Light
  • Oncor
  • Georgia Power
  • Dominion Resources
  • The Detroit Edison Company 
  • Duke Energy Carolinas

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