North-American Interfraternity Conference Forms Commissions To Examine Alcohol Use, Hazing And Sexual Violence

Aug 26, 2014, 13:00 ET from North-American Interfraternity Conference

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the association representing 74 international and national men's fraternities in North America, today announced three independent commissions to undertake a forward-focused, action-oriented evaluation of issues critically important to the fraternity industry and higher education: alcohol use, hazing and sexual violence. Over the next 18 months, each commission will conduct in-depth issue-specific research to identify innovative opportunities for the NIC and its member fraternities to tackle these issues. 

"Fraternities have a vital role to play in creating safer student experiences and environments. These commissions are a bold step in identifying the best opportunities for impact," said NIC president and CEO Pete Smithhisler. "We are extremely grateful to the commissioners who have volunteered their time and expertise to this initiative and we look forward to a robust process built on a diverse body of research and knowledge."

Each commission will include 10 to 12 subject matter experts, policy makers, researchers, higher education leaders, and practitioners with content area expertise. Their work will culminate in a comprehensive, action-oriented report that will be delivered to the NIC President & CEO by April 1, 2016.

The NIC named the following higher education and fraternity industry experts as commission leaders:

  • Commission on Alcohol Use within Fraternity Culture – Dr. Ed Hammond, president emeritus, Fort Hayes State University
  • Commission on Hazing Awareness and Prevention – Dr. Walter Kimbrough, president, Dillard University
  • Commission on Sexual Violence and Abuse Prevention – Allen Groves,  dean of students, University of Virginia

"I'm delighted to participate in this process to continue to confront the most serious issues facing fraternities, which by extension are serious issues for higher education," said Dr. Walter Kimbrough, president, Dillard University. "I expect this to be challenging given that we're trying to solve what appears to be unsolvable. But maybe this will be the time we get it right."

The NIC Presidential Commissions are part of the conference's ongoing commitment to creating environments that foster the success of member fraternities while providing leadership to address the environmental and behavioral challenges that affect fraternity members and undergraduate students throughout North America.

"We must find new ways to help address these challenges for the broader campus community and to preserve all that is good about fraternities," said Smithhisler. "When fraternity is done right, there is no better experience to promote the development of men into committed, ethical leaders who, in turn, have positive influence on their communities."

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Founded in 1909, the North-American Interfraternity Conference is the trade association representing 74 International and National Men's Fraternities. Through advocacy, collaboration, and education, the NIC works to ensure that fraternities can operate in an environment conducive to their success.

Jen Kilian
Director of Member Services

SOURCE North-American Interfraternity Conference