North Park University, Chicago, Announces Record Traditional Undergraduate Enrollment for Fall 2011

Sep 29, 2011, 10:59 ET from North Park University

CHICAGO, Sept. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- North Park University announced this week that traditional undergraduate enrollment for the Fall Semester 2011 reached a record 1,929 students, an increase of 79 students from 2010. Combined with graduate enrollment, the University's total student population for the fall semester is 3,223.

"North Park University is very pleased to see this growth in the size of our incoming traditional undergraduate class," said Dr. David L. Parkyn, North Park University president. "Not only did the class increase in numbers, but we are proud of the academic strength and diversity of this class."

Such enrollment growth in one year is "a tremendous accomplishment in a competitive marketplace and a challenging economy," said Nate Mouttet, North Park University vice president for enrollment and marketing.  

To reach its record undergraduate enrollment, the University conducted "an extensive review of admissions processes and financial aid, athletic team recruitment and opportunities for growth," Mouttet said. As a result, "our dean of enrollment, Mark Olson, developed a new recruitment 'attitude,' communication strategy and enrollment structure," he said, noting emphasis on relationship building with potential students, creation of an admissions officer role to focus on the needs of applicants, and improvements in data entry.

Mouttet also cited improvements in seeking students, implementation of a new application process, growth in the number of student athletes, and the "great value" for students in terms of their educational costs.  

In addition, Mouttet noted that the incoming undergraduate class grade point average is 3.18 (on a four-point scale), up from 3.09 one year ago. The incoming class is diverse, with about 15 percent of its students Latino; 10 percent black; 6 percent Asian; and about 53 percent white. Another 7 percent are international students. The university is also financially stronger, Mouttet said.

Mouttet hopes this year's incoming class is the start of an upward trend. "We are asking our recruitment and enrollment team to prepare for an even larger class next year so we can see this as the beginning of a trajectory in enrollment growth," he added.

North Park University, founded in 1891, is located in Chicago's diverse Albany Park neighborhood. The University emphasizes three core values: Distinctively Christian, Internationally Urban, Purposefully Multicultural.

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SOURCE North Park University