Northridge Dentist, Dr. Arami, Offers Special Promotion for Zoom Whitening

Jun 30, 2010, 09:00 ET from Northridge Dental Group

NORTHRIDGE, Calif., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Arami, Northridge dentist, is offering a special promotion on Zoom Whitening, a method that gives patients a whiter and brighter smile. For a limited time, Zoom Whitening will be available at the reduced price of $300.00. Professional teeth whitening procedures are the best option when whiter teeth are the goal, as they will use techniques that over-the-counter products cannot provide. Dr. Arami, trusted dentist in Northridge, would like to give all of his patients the whitest teeth they can have, and this special offer will give many patients an opportunity to get whiter teeth and a more attractive smile.

Zoom Whitening is just one of many procedures that Dr. Arami, Northridge cosmetic dentist, and his staff can provide. There are also other cosmetic dentistry techniques that will benefit both children and adults. Children with crooked teeth can be fitted with braces that will correct the problem. Even adults with misaligned teeth can be provided with Invisalign braces, an invisible way to straighten teeth that is the perfect solution for adults living a busy lifestyle. Porcelain veneers will disguise teeth that are badly stained, spaced incorrectly, oddly shaped or chipped. Porcelain crowns are a dental appliance that will restore and strengthen badly damaged teeth. And for those who are missing teeth, there are dental implants, a permanent and durable way to fill in gaps and replace teeth that are gone.

Regular checkups and cleanings are important for maintaining good oral health. When problems arise, they can be quickly and successfully treated before they turn into more serious issues. And should a more serious problem develop concerning the teeth and/or gums, Dr. Arami and his staff have the skills and expertise to diagnose the condition and restore good oral health. Children and adults alike will be instructed as to the best way to brush and floss in order to keep teeth and gums in a healthy condition.

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