Not-For-Profit Energy Independence Day at PowerMyCampus™

Jun 30, 2010, 06:00 ET from The Energy Group, LLC

BOSTON, Mass. and BATON ROUGE, La., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerMyCampus™, a joint venture formed between energy efficiency and renewable energy integrators at The Energy Group, LLC and American Modern Energy, LLC, is inviting not-for-profits organizations across America to join in the celebration of Energy Independence along side the traditional Independence Day celebration on July 4.

The Energy Group, LLC of Baton Rouge, LA and American Modern Energy, LLC of Boston, MA have joined forces through PowerMyCampus™ in developing a proprietary system of funding, installing and operating clean energy solutions with the Smart Power Purchase Agreement (SmartPPA™). PowerMyCampus™ is making it possible for not-for-profit organizations such as colleges, universities, K-12 schools, hospitals and churches to "go green" and utilize the benefits of clean, renewable energy technologies with zero upfront costs, at electric rates substantially below current utility prices.

According to Scott Van Kerkhove, Co-Founder of PowerMyCampus™, and President & CEO of the Energy Group, not-for-profit institutions across the country are eager to install clean, renewable solutions, but up until now, have been challenged by financial, technical, regulatory and operational barriers.  "We have developed a unique system specifically designed for funding, installing and operating installations for not-for-profit institutions that make clean energy solutions affordable and accessible," says Scott.  "We manage every detail so that all the customer does is use their electricity, but typically at just half of their current rate per kilowatt hour."

Ed Whitaker, Co-Founder of PowerMyCampus™ and VP of Operations for American Modern Energy, will lead and manage the installation and operation of these power facilities.  According to Whitaker, who holds a NABCEP certification, the issue is more than just the increasing cost of electric power.  "Electric rates have been doubling every ten years, and it's more than likely that this rate of increase will continue or even escalate going forward.  Moving to clean energy also says a lot about a commitment to this country's need for Energy Independence, environmental stewardship and our leadership in new technology."

PowerMyCampus™ has teamed up with ONTility ( to procure the latest technology in equipment for its' installations. We are seeking installers, integrators and other renewable experts interested in utilizing the PowerMyCampus™ funding or SmartPPA™ model to service not-for-profit clients.

About PowerMyCampus™

PowerMyCampus™ offers proprietary renewable energy solutions to not-for-profit organizations, including the SmartPPA™.  It is headquartered at 8 Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, the site of the original American Revolution and host of the New Revolution for Energy Independence.   It's joint venture partners are The Energy Group, a leading organization in the funding and development of a wide range of clean technology solutions, including renewable energy and energy efficiency installations; and, American Modern Energy, a leading integrator specializing in the development of solutions to business problems in the renewable energy sector, applying technical, financial and legal core competencies in unique ways, including the ownership and operation of renewable energy facilities. More information is available at

SOURCE The Energy Group, LLC