Not Just Hummus - It's 'SUPER HUMMUS'!

Twice the Protein & Half the Fat!

New from Nasoya!

Aug 16, 2010, 09:51 ET from Nasoya

AYER, Mass., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Tofu innovator Nasoya ( has introduced SUPER HUMMUS, the first and only hummus to deliver twice the protein & half the fat of the leading hummus brand.

"SUPER HUMMUS packs a nutritional punch that has no equal in its category," said Walt Riglian, President/CEO, Vitasoy-USA, Nasoya's parent company. "We're very excited to be bringing such a nutritional power-house to market."

The nutritional advantage of SUPER HUMMUS comes from substituting low-protein chickpeas with soybeans, which are naturally high in protein. The recipe also reduces the amount of added oil and replaces water with protein rich soymilk.

A super food, soybeans have a high level of phytonutrients, which are linked to lowered risk for chronic illness, such as cancer and heart disease. Common super foods are tomatoes, spinach, oranges, berries, garlic and broccoli.

The top national brand of hummus has 2 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat in every 2 tablespoon serving.  SUPER HUMMUS has twice the protein (4 grams) and half the fat (3 grams) for the same size serving. In addition to cooked soybeans, the ingredients in SUPER HUMMUS include sesame tahini, soymilk powder, cooked chick peas (for flavor), soy sauce, lactic acid, water and natural flavors.

"Americans are already embracing hummus as part of the Mediterranean diet, a widely accepted approach to healthy eating," said Susan Rolnick, VP Marketing, Nasoya.  She noted U.S. hummus sales have grown 18.5% in the last year alone. "By creating a hummus without the fat and empty calories of traditional dips, SUPER HUMMUS is providing a healthy 'Super Snack'!"

SUPER HUMMUS comes in two varieties: Classic Original with a rich, nutty flavor; and Spinach Garlic, made with three super foods (garlic, spinach, soybeans).  Both are all-natural and made without any preservatives. Look for them near the fresh tofu in the produce or dairy section of your favorite food market nationwide. The suggested retail price is $3.99 per 10-ounce container.


The top selling tofu in America, Nasoya ( has provided delicious, premium quality soyfoods to consumers for more than 30 years.  Its innovations include all-natural SUPER HUMMUS, organic and all-natural tofu, including TofuPlus, all-natural Silken Style Creations, fresh, all-natural pasta noodles and wraps, and the popular sandwich spread Nayonaise.  Look for Nasoya in leading supermarkets and natural grocers nationwide. Nasoya's parent company is Vitasoy USA, Inc., ( a pioneer in bringing organic and all-natural soyfoods to America, and a part of VITASOY International Holdings Ltd. (