Notbox Launches in North America

New multi-use transportation and storage boxes offer major savings for environmentally-conscious businesses and 'less guilt' for consumers

Jan 10, 2013, 11:11 ET from The Notbox Company

LONDON, January 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The Notbox Company has launched its eco-friendly 'leaner, meaner and greener' alternative to the billions of single-use cardboard boxes to manufacturers, supply chain professionals and consumers in the United States and Canada through a new partnership headed by former Wall Street financier, Thomas Hellman.

Hellman, Chairman and President of Notbox North America, has 'great expectations' for the range of Notbox products, which includes coolboxes for home use as well as by specific industries such as the healthcare sector. The Notbox Company, headquartered in the UK, is already working with customers in Europe.

"The global packaging industry is worth some $424 billion and North America accounts for 28% of this market. Currently, cardboard is used to ship 90% of all products in the U.S. but the growing focus towards sustainability by businesses and consumers makes this the perfect time to bring Notbox to the market. Reducing corrugated cardboard excess is one of the fastest and most effective steps a company can take to reduce waste and is high on the corporate agenda. We can demonstrate not only the environmental benefits of using Notboxes but also the cost advantages, especially for the supply chain sector where vast quantities of products move in cycles between distribution centers and retail stores," he said.

Thomas Hellman spent 25 years as an institutional trader on Wall Street. His career has also included spells as Marketing Director for a Swiss bank and working for the Chinese government in Hong Kong. His first appointment to the Notbox North America team is Shelley Slaughter, Vice President, North America, who takes responsibility for business development and marketing using her experience in similar roles in Canada and Asia Pacific.

Shelley Slaughter said: "We see a huge potential with organizations and consumers that are interested in the benefits of using an eco-friendly alternative to single-use cardboard boxes and plastic containers. Right now, we're focused on working in partnership with companies who want to be ahead of the curve with their commitment to sustainability. The bottom line is that throwing things away costs money - and the bigger the business, the greater the costs. Compared to a single trip cardboard box, a Notbox will make 20 or more trips so it's easy to see how the savings can ramp up." 

Hellman believes the environmental benefits of Notbox will also have a significant appeal with North American consumers: "Consumers will place a greater value on recyclability and the perceived 'greenness' of packaging and increasingly demand proof of sustainability claims, such as lifecycle analysis data and carbon footprint exposure, and that opens up an enormous market for Notbox. They want lower costs, fewer toxins, less guilt, and more incentives connected to the products they buy."  

Notboxes, including bespoke Notboxes, fold flat for easy storage and backhaul, come in many sizes and colours and are easily branded.  

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