Novel Ways to Beat the Coldest Winter Predicted in 100 Years

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Winter is wrapping its frosty tendrils around the bodies of Britons everywhere. Temperatures are plummeting into the minus figures, and blanketing the landscape in powdery white.  It isn't all drab darkness though! Here are some cheeky and novel ways to keep the winter chills at bay.

Go Nutty!

Nuts are mercifully high in healthy fats, and help to regulate body temperature.  People who don't eat them could feel chilly in the bones. So gulp some nuts; don a cap made of badger fur; rise at dawn and compete with other beasts in the woods for food scraps.  Or just put on some trousers and go down to Tescos - the choice is yours.    

Remember The Good Times  

A study by Southhampton University found that nostalgic thoughts provide a mental golden glow on gloomy days. The study reported that getting sentimental over old memories on cold days will trick the brain into feeling warmer. So moral of the story is - rug up with some old Polaroids and keepsakes, sigh, wallow and banish away the winter blues.  

Dissapear Into An Amazing Sofa

Cuddling up to someone or something on a serenely comfy sofa is a pleasure well-known to anybody with a heartbeat. Some folks prefer a springy sofa, akin to bouncing off the moon's surface.  Other people want to disappear into Narnia, within the endless soft folds. A corner sofa for the little nook under the stairs, or in a little used study room, can be the perfect escape hatch after a long day. These can come in a range of furnishings and styles to suit every home and budget. Check out some cosy and cool leather corner sofa by CSL.

Reminiscing about the good old days isn't just for octogenarians. So this winter, keep balmy (and not barmy) with some mixed nuts; a pocket full of a memories and a timeless sofa.  

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