Novell Filr Revolutionizes Secure Mobile File Sharing for the Enterprise

Novell's Newest Product Gives IT Control of all Shared Files, While Employees Enjoy Ease of Sharing and Unprecedented Collaboration Tools

Apr 30, 2013, 08:00 ET from Novell, Inc.

PROVO, Utah, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Novell® today announced the release of Novell Filr, a file sharing solution that provides seamless, anywhere, any-device access to corporate files, while giving IT complete control of all shared files. Novell Filr is the result of Novell's history as the pioneer of networked file and print services and unlike cloud-based file sharing solutions like Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive, it is built specifically for the enterprise.

Novell Filr leverages an organization's existing on-premise infrastructure, eliminating the need to manage third-party services, rebuild access controls, or regulate the use of unapproved file sharing applications. By integrating with existing file systems, Novell Filr essentially mobilizes the files users have already created, right where they're already stored—without the security or compliance risks that come with storing files in a cloud controlled by a third party. 

According to a recent Gartner report, file synchronization and sharing are critical capabilities for organizations with a highly mobile workforce and the need to accommodate today's BYOD trends. "We expect IT organizations will face increasing demand for these capabilities, with deeper focus on security and compliance by regulated or security-conscious enterprises," said Gartner Analysts Monica Basso and Jeffrey Mann.

"We chose to participate in the beta testing of Novell Filr because we had multiple requests from stakeholders for a secure file access and sharing solution, independent of the cloud, that didn't involve duplicating efforts," said Paul Pedron, Senior Network Systems Specialist for the City of Fresno. "Our workforce is becoming more mobile and we needed to find a way to internally manage and secure data. Novell Filr's ability to control versioning, allow users access to the internal network and automatically instate all structure and provisioning previously in place, has been unlike any other solutions we've looked into. Security of data is our primary concern and with hundreds of devices testing Novell Filr in beta, we are confident in the solution and look forward to rolling it out in full production."

The wild proliferation of mobile devices has created a pressing need not only for mobile device management, but for mobile content management. The ability to let mobile workers access, share and collaborate on files is key to any mobility initiative and a critical component of contemporary business success.  Novell Filr enables all of these capabilities, while keeping files on the corporate server with their access rights, quotas, backup systems, firewalls, disaster recovery protocols and existing policies intact.

"With our 30-year legacy in file and networking services and our commitment to providing security-focused solutions that drive workplace productivity, we are changing the game with Novell Filr – a true enterprise-quality solution for mobile file access and sharing," said Bob Flynn, Novell president and general manager. "Unlike any other file sharing solution on the market today, Novell Filr provides the access and collaboration capabilities to keep employees happy and productive, while meeting IT's need for enhanced security, compliance and the ability to leverage established policies and protocols."

Novell Filr enables organizations to maintain productivity anytime, anywhere, while taking advantage of existing security policies and procedures for secure file sharing. Some of Novell Filr's features include:

  • On Premise Solution: Avoid abandoning the infrastructure you've already built and help keep files secure in accordance with established data security policies and procedures.
  • Immediate Access to Files: Novell Filr leverages existing policies and procedures to auto-populate employees' folders, thus providing immediate access to files across a network. 
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Enables businesses to leverage existing investments, including NetIQ® eDirectoryand Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Secure File Sharing Internally and Externally: While files can be shared inside and outside the organization, they remain on existing enterprise file servers, eliminating the need to move or duplicate files.
  • Global Search: Search capabilities are granted across organizations based on users' access rights.
  • Offline Access: Users can access files from anywhere, at any time, on any device – whether connected or not – and changes will be synchronized when back online.
  • Collaboration: Provides the ability for numerous employees to add commentary and work on a single document simultaneously while keeping the document secure.

"What sets Novell Filr apart from competitive offerings is that all files are stored on your internal network, making it a true enterprise-grade solution," said Jacques Sauve, President of Adaris Technologies.  "While the security aspect alone has excited our customers, Filr's ability to expose any directory on existing network file systems to give users anywhere, anytime access is a key advantage as more organizations utilize a mobile workforce operating outside the four corporate walls. With the Filr Desktop client, users can also sync any network folder to the local drive, enabling them to be productive even while offline. Overall, Novell Filr helps users rediscover their shared network storage and enhances overall productivity in and out of the office."

Novell Filr is the newest addition to Novell's rapidly growing mobility portfolio and a response to enterprise demand for secure mobile file access and sharing.


Novell Filr will be generally available beginning April 30, 2013. For pricing and other information, visit or contact your Novell representative.

*Gartner,"Marketscope for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing", Monica Basso and Jeffrey Mann, February 12, 2013

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