Now It's Time for Science to Take a Crack at Weight Loss

Enough with the advertisements for quick weight loss fixes! Give the medical professionals their shot at offering the public some real solutions.

Jul 24, 2012, 17:49 ET from Dr. Feiz & Associates

LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- America's growing waistline has been fodder for countless news stories about what, if anything, constitutes a reliable weight loss solution. Diet pills with flashy names have come and gone, arriving on a tidal wave of big promises and sinking into oblivion once the reality invariably fails to meet the big expectations. Each year throws a new diet plan onto magazine covers. Low fat! No, now it's low carb! Who can keep up? One thing's for sure: with all the fine print reading that's required, the weight loss industry has got to be ruining America's eyesight. You're probably about ready to throw in the towel and pick up that slice of pie, but wait just one moment! The topic of weight loss has focused on the unscrupulous moneymakers, but in the background the medical community has actually been engaged in a rigorous scientific approach that has yielded some innovative solutions. One field in particular that is getting more attention is bariatric surgery.

With regard to pills, a combination of the two drugs phentermine and topiramate, has recently been branded "Qysimia," and approved by the FDA for weight loss applications. A recent study quoted in USA Today found that while the 10% excess weight loss per year promised by the drug is a start, a procedure like the gastric sleeve is quoted by experienced doctors like Dr. Feiz as having a staggering 70-80% excess weight loss rate per year. In the future, Dr. Feiz may indeed carry Qsymia for patients who prefer it, but with surgery's higher success rate, and its lack of side effects like jitteriness, a bariatric surgery procedure from Dr. Feiz is generally preferable for seriously overweight patients.

Bariatric surgery, or obesity surgery, covers a wide variety of possible operations. Not every prospective patient is going to be an ideal candidate for every kind of weight loss surgery. For example, gastric bypass surgery, which involves partitioning the stomach into two pouches and redirecting the intestinal track to drain both, may be perfect for some and too invasive for others. Other effective methods include Lap Band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery. The first step toward determining the best course of action for you is to meet with a qualified and reputable bariatric surgeon.

An increasingly popular destination is Dr. Feiz & Associates, a leading weight loss surgery center in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Michael Feiz performs gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and the Lap Band, and has built himself a sterling reputation for the highest safety standards. He encourages patients who are interested in learning about any of these procedures to schedule a FREE initial consultation, or attend a FREE informational seminar. He and his team of medical professionals will take the time to explain all the potential risks and benefits of the various approaches available to you, including non-surgical methods.

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