nPario Empowers Marketers With Real Time Insights Into Audience Segments With nPario Segment Explorer

New Data-Driven Application Extracts Detailed, Actionable Consumer Intent Insights from Vast Amounts of Data

Jun 22, 2010, 12:00 ET from nPario Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- nPario Inc., a provider of data products and services that enable companies to understand and market consumer commercial intent, announced today the availability of nPario Segment Explorer, a data-driven analytics application that allows business users to create, discover, profile, track and target consumer segments from vast amount of CRM, usage, online and offline data. Already generating insights for global data-rich companies, nPario Segment Explorer bridges the gap between the marketer and advertiser and the exponentially growing amount of consumer data that can fuel improved campaign effectiveness and business performance. Available now, nPario Segment Explorer is the first application of nPario Insights, a suite of Insights solutions the company plans to roll out throughout the year.

"Traditionally, companies have been held hostage by the limitations of having to understand consumers based on a single pixel," said Bassel Ojjeh, president and CEO of nPario. "With nPario Segment Explorer, the first of a series of applications that overlay and analyze different sources and types of data, we are set to change that, making business users the masters of their data."

Powerful, scalable and flexible solution for marketers and advertisers

Understanding and predicting consumer intent based on the signals from consumers on Internet-enabled devices is a key goal for marketers that want to deliver effective marketing and advertising messages. Yet most solutions today require them to develop complex queries, limit themselves to tiny fractions of the data or know what they are looking for in order to extract the insights from data. nPario Segment Explorer is a powerful "self-service" application that allows marketers and advertisers to define and manage multiple consumer segments based on business objectives and evolving criteria such as online behavior, keyword searches and demographic characteristics. With a click of a button, marketers can create an unlimited number of finely tuned segments and use these to launch targeted marketing campaigns, test new products and services and evaluate overall strategies over time.

Real time segment insights for improved campaign effectiveness

Once segments are created, nPario Segment Explorer's built-in analytics can analyze the relation between consumer behavior, products, services and marketing campaigns giving marketers clear, real time insights into behavior and intent changes over time. In addition, marketers can choose to share the segment insights across the organization or export the information into third-party analytical or CRM tools for further analysis.

Patented technology tested in the environment of the world's largest data system

nPario Segment Explorer is built on the solid technological foundation of the nPario Insights Engine, a set of patented technologies that allow organizations to retain and analyze virtually unlimited amount of granular observed data at low cost. As a result, nPario Segment Explorer can pull insights from petabytes of data to deliver relevant content and advertising and enable better business decisions regardless of the amount or sources of that data.

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