NPG Submits Testimony To Senate Committee On The Judiciary

Feb 15, 2013, 08:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

Says America's Population Growth Must be Considered in Immigration Reform

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Negative Population Growth (NPG) announced today that it has submitted testimony for consideration in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  A national organization dedicated to reducing U.S. population growth, NPG submitted the testimony as an effort to aid Congress in arriving at responsible solutions to one of our nation's most critical challenges.

NPG President Donald Mann stated:  "hundreds of thousands of Americans have stood beside me for over 40 years in asking that Congress consider population growth when shaping national immigration policy.  It is crucial that any new legislation, which will stand for decades, help reduce our population size."

Mann continued:  "Studies have shown that immigration is presently, and will continue to be, the single-largest contributor to America's population growth.  The U.S. Census Bureau currently estimates our nation's population at over 315 million people, projecting that it will reach 400 million people by 2050."

"Such enormous population growth will require trillions of tax dollars to repair and expand America's crumbling infrastructure," Mann explained.  "Pollution and runoff from development will further contaminate our air and water.  More of our dwindling natural resources will be consumed."

Mann added:  "Our nation is already confronting an unsustainable future with its present population size.  If these reforms result in amnesty for existing illegal immigrants and allow millions more to arrive, the results will be calamitous.  As our nation undertakes this enormous project, we must follow the same tenet that has guided doctors for centuries:  'First, do no harm.'  In each decision we make on immigration, we must ask how this action will contribute to future population growth in five, ten, thirty, or fifty years.  What effect will this legislation have on the America inherited by future generations?"

To meet the goals of reforming immigration and arriving at sustainable population numbers, NPG presented its recommendations to the Senate Committee within its testimony.  Mann stated that:  "many groups call for growth as the solution to America's problems, but the research reflects a very different picture of our present reality – and a grim future.  We must work together to create an immigration system that will not only help reverse population growth, but ensure a sustainable quality of life for our children and grandchildren."

SOURCE Negative Population Growth