NSLP Leverages Rich History to Expand Services Supporting Postsecondary Institutions and Students

Aug 22, 2011, 15:33 ET from NSLP

LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 22, 2011  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NSLP, a leader in the financial aid and higher education community,  announced today multiple new initiatives to provide dynamic solutions to the financial aid and higher education community.

Randy Heesacker, NSLP president and CEO, said: "The success of the financial aid industry is critical for students and families to afford higher education.  We are pleased to be able to leverage our rich heritage to work in partnership with students and families, higher education institutions, and recently, the federal government, to provide solutions designed to make a difference in the future of our youth."

NSLP Submits Voluntary Flexible Agreement
On July 29, 2011, NSLP submitted a proposal to enter into a Voluntary Flexible Agreement (VFA) with the U.S. Department of Education.  NSLP is one of 24 guaranty agencies that submitted a VFA proposal. 

"The VFA provides increased investment in financial literacy and delinquency prevention research and development to ensure effective methods and tools are created to help students reduce stress associated with personal financial issues, remain enrolled, and ultimately graduate," stated Heesacker.   

The VFA process recognizes guaranty agencies offer a number of services which are of value to students, families, and schools.  These product offerings enable the U.S. Department of Education to provide valuable school services through a proven, trusted source – guaranty agencies.

NSLP Purchases Evans Consulting Group
On June 30, 2011, NSLP announced the addition of Evans Consulting Group.  The addition enhances NSLP offerings through Evans Consulting Group's solid reputation, leading brand, and proven product suite.  In addition, Evans Consulting Group complements NSLP's strategic vision to expand services that better support postsecondary institutions and students.

Heesacker said:  "Evans Consulting Group is a nationally recognized professional services company that has served the financial aid community for over 15 years.  Bob Evans has built a strong company focused on providing insight and value to higher education institutions and we look forward to expanding on that strength to bring meaningful solutions to the industry, which will reshape financial aid management and add greater value to students."

Statutory and regulatory changes in the financial aid arena have resulted in new needs for institutions to better serve their students through dynamic student and school services. As a result, NSLP's emphasis has shifted to a full-service provider of student and financial aid-related solutions from a guarantor of new student loans.

Furthermore, in an effort to better support higher education institutions and in turn, students, NSLP created a subsidiary, EC Group, LLC, to continue offering innovative financial aid products and services such as financial aid training, compliance assistance, and financial aid management and processing.  The additional core competencies Evans Consulting Group brings to NSLP complements the company's current financial aid product line and enhances the solutions it provides schools and students.

Bob Evans, President, EC Group, LLC, said: "During this period of change within the financial aid industry, it's exciting to see innovative partnerships emerge that are designed to bring even more robust solutions to higher education institutions and in turn, help students succeed."

Headquartered in Lincoln Nebraska, NSLP is a private, not-for-profit company with a 25 year legacy in the higher education marketplace. A former top 10 student loan guarantor, NSLP continues to be a passionate leader and advocate for student success; providing colleges and universities nationwide with financial education, delinquency prevention, default aversion, financial aid related support and Title IV training and compliance programs. NSLP collaborates with schools to develop programs that will ultimately help our future generations thrive financially.