NuCaptcha Engage™ Offers Brand Messaging in a CAPTCHA for Unparalleled Audience Engagement

Industry's Most Secure CAPTCHA Platform Ensures Publishers can Drive New Revenues in a Safe Environment

Oct 29, 2010, 18:25 ET from NuCaptcha Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, NuCaptcha Inc., launched NuCaptcha Engage™, a first-of-a-kind brand engagement product that enables publishers to serve high value video-based brand messages within the NuCaptcha Security Platform™, the world's most secure CAPTCHA platform. This CAPTCHA technology uses a unique combination of video and security technology to determine if people are really human, not machines. Offering brand messaging in a security platform changes the value equation of CAPTCHA - bringing unprecedented consumer engagement to online advertisers, along with the highest level of security against spam, hackers, social media threats and more.  

The first NuCaptcha Engage advertisements will go live on October 26, and will be used by Activision, Coastal Contact, Club Vibes, Disney and Gnosis, amongst others.  

"We developed our advertising product a year ago, but insisted on developing a significantly more robust CAPTCHA security platform before offering it to the market: CAPTCHAs are the first line of defense for most sites, and publishers and consumers must be protected," stated Michel Giasson, CEO and Co-Founder of NuCaptcha, Inc. "Now, for the first time, you can drive revenues from your CAPTCHAs and rest assured you've got the best security on the market."

"NuCaptcha is anticipated to be valuable to online communities. It provides an easier and friendlier CAPTCHA experience together with great security and an interactive ad platform that can drive new revenues to websites," stated Mike Doyle, THQ Publishing Producer for Social Games. "NuCaptcha is a unique product with security and revenue combined into one, easy to implement, solution."

"Over 100 billion CAPTCHAs were used last year to protect sites against login hacks, spam bots, farm bots, online identity and resource theft and many other abuses. NuCaptcha has taken a very smart approach towards security that will protect sites for the foreseeable future, and drive new revenues," stated states Dr. Greg Mori, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, BC Canada. "Without security, you may as well be serving any kind of advertisement and that leaves sites wide-open to threats."

NuCaptcha Engage™

Aimed at online publishers interested in providing a high degree of user security alongside engaging advertisements, NuCaptcha Engage™, offers:

  • Video technology that simplifies the authentication process for humans, but is harder for computers to solve; the result is greater authentication security, yet easier, more enjoyable tests, than the leading CAPTCHA.
  • Publishers and advertisers can create "instant" NuCaptcha videos by turning existing video advertisements into NuCaptcha Engage™ advertisements; this enables publishers to get up-to-speed in a few hours with trusted advertisers.
  • The following video sizes are available: Standard IAB unit, 300 x 250; half height, 300 x 125; or large, 640 x 480.
  • Pricing is either on a video CPM basis ($10 to $25), or a cost-per-engagement basis ($0.10 to $1.00), for larger, longer videos.

Launched in June this year, the NuCaptcha Security Platform™ and video technology is already being used on 3,500 websites. In September, five million CAPTCHAs were served by NuCaptcha.

Publishers, brands and advertisers can access information about using NuCaptcha Engage™ and the NuCaptcha Security Platform™ at

About NuCaptcha

NuCaptcha offers the world's most secure CAPTCHA system, built on the NuCaptcha Security Platform™. Due to higher levels of security, innovative new products can now be offered directly within the CAPTCHA system, making this technology more valuable as a vehicle for advertising and branding. The company was founded in 2008 by NuCaptcha, Inc., based out of Vancouver, BC; one of North America's top technology centers. Visit us at

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