Nurses, Magistrates and Matrons Getting the Best Deal Behind the Wheel

Oct 30, 2012, 13:00 ET from

CHESTER, England, October 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

  • MoneySupermarket reveals the professions paying the least and the most for car insurance
  • Nurses get the best deal of all professions, but retirees benefit from the cheapest premiums overall

The UK's number one comparison website analysed the cost of car insurance across different professions, and found nurses pay the least for cover at an average of £255 a year. 

Analysis of over 16 million quotes over the past year for the MoneySupermarket Monitor on Car Insurance* found that guest house proprietors and reflexologists take the second and third spot for the cheapest car insurance premiums. A number of public sector workers feature in the list including magistrates, school crossing wardens and head teachers. The nation's retirees pay the least overall, with typical cover costing just £253 for the year - whereas motorists registering themselves as unemployed will be charged an average £773 a year. Unfortunately those who have to class themselves as unemployed are seen as a high risk to insure.

Racing drivers pay the price for their reputation on the track as they top the table for paying the most for cover. Footballers and other sportsmen take second and third spots.

Pete Harrison, car insurance expert at  said: "Insurers measure risk in a number of ways and your profession could speak volumes about your risk as a driver, according to insurance providers. Our research clearly shows that the racier your job, the more expensive your premium will be.

"It is not surprising that students, and apprentices are hit by high premiums as they are likely to be young, inexperienced drivers. Retired drivers on the other hand are considered less risky as they have years of experience, built up no claims bonuses and are likely to drive fewer miles each year. Those who are unemployed appear to get hit from both sides; especially if they need to drive to find work and attend job interviews, yet insurers tend to charge a lot more for this type of driver, at a time when the case may be that they can least afford it.

"Currently, the typical saving made by those using MoneySupermarket to take out their car insurance is £411** so shopping around for the right policy that matches your requirements is a job worth doing."

Notes to editors:

* MoneySupermarket Monitor on car insurance:

Quotes run on the MoneySupermarket website between June 2011 and June 2012.

Top ten professions registering the most expensive car insurance premiums:

    No.              Profession               Average cost
     1   Motor Racing Drivers and Organisers    GBP1,591
     2               Footballers                GBP1,554
     3             Other Sportsmen              GBP1,444
     4  Funfair Employee & Theme Park Workers   GBP1,326
     5                Canvasser                 GBP1,319
     6              Scrap Dealer                GBP1,198
     7              Exotic Dancer               GBP1,118
     8               Disc Jockey                GBP1,080
     9          Television Presenter            GBP1,065
    10         Students & Apprentices           GBP1,059

Top ten professions registering the cheapest car insurance premiums:

    No.        Profession         Average cost
     1    State Enrolled Nurse       GBP225
     2   Guest House Proprietor      GBP264
     3        Reflexologist          GBP273
     4      Distillery Worker        GBP280
     5         Coastguard            GBP280
     6           Bursar              GBP284
     7         Magistrate            GBP291
     8           Matron              GBP294
     9   School Crossing Warden      GBP301
    10        Head Teacher           GBP302

** Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 August 2012 to 31 August 2012 compares (at 30th Aug 2012)

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  • 12 broadband providers and 18 energy providers   
  • 32 unsecured loan and 6 secured loan providers
  • 62 mortgage lenders and 28 credit card providers
  • 66 savings providers and 37 current account providers.
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