Nursing Homes in Southern California Help Build Community by Remembering the Past

In a month full of commemoration, Sally's Residential Care Home acknowledges the important moments their seniors have experienced.

Sep 16, 2013, 17:52 ET from Sally's Residential Care Home

CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Following September 11th, Americans reminisce about the most recent chapter of our nation's history and how such a devastating event changed the world. What many don't realize, however, is that elder Americans have seen the world change many times over, whether by witnessing the moon landing live on television or seeing the advent of the Internet. These points of view provide a unique and valuable perspective not just on our nation's history, but also on the nature of humanity. This is why Sally's Residential Care Home, group of three fantastic nursing homes in Southern California, truly believes in integrating their residents into the community at large.

The care home in Camarillo, run by two state board-certified registered nurses named Sally and Kayhan Mojabi, arranges many activities that allow their residents to interact with their neighbors. From its proximity to shopping centers and other homes for assisted living in Southern California to performances and celebrations featuring local citizens, Sally's Residential Care Home strives to make their seniors feel included and comfortable in the community. Interacting with Camarillo citizens allows Sally's residents to learn more about the region and city's interesting histories, forge new experience across generations, and even reminisce with other senior care home residents in the neighborhood.

This is just one way that Sally's Residential Care Home respects the individuality of those living in their community. The two resident nurses that run Sally's, who have decades of experience between them, throw personalized birthday, holiday, religious, and cultural celebrations for their residents. After all, assisted living in Southern California is bound to come with its fair share of diversity, and as a care home that truly values its residents, Sally's makes a point to respect these differences. Personalized meals, entertainment, watching a favorite movie, and much more are all possible at Sally's Residential Care Home. These little things can definitely add up, making Sally's residents feel respected, cherished, and valued for their unique contributions to their community.

If you or a loved one is looking for a senior care home that is integrated into the community and respects their individuality, contact Sally's Residential Care Home. Sally's is located in gorgeous Camarillo, which experiences over 300 days of sunlight a year. This is perfect for residents who desire a pleasant day's walk, spending time outdoors reading, or want to feel comfortable visiting a local establishment. Plus, many retirees come to Camarillo to retire, which means that social services, local transportation, and regional medical centers are all geared towards an older community. This means that your loved one will have accommodations not just in their home at Sally's, but also when they're out on the town.

Contact Sally's Residential Care Home at 805-701-1246 to learn more about their services, the experience that the Mojabis bring to their homes, and sunny Camarillo. You can also read more by going to

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