Nutek Introduces Latest Innovation - Flat Tire Survival Kit(TM)

Jan 19, 2010, 17:42 ET from Nutek, LLC

CLEVELAND, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Launched in 2007, Nutek brings high-performance products to the market with a Smart Green™ and Pure Green™ focus.  With 100% biodegradable formulations, superior performance and recyclable packaging, Nutek's products continue to provide safe alternatives to petroleum-based and environmentally-toxic competitors.  

The Chagrin Falls, Ohio Company launched this month its handy Flat Tire Survival Kit™ designed to help motorists get back on the road quickly in the unfortunate event of a flat tire.  The kit comes in a convenient case designed for easy storage in the glove compartment or trunk of any vehicle.  Included in the kit are the following items:

  • Can of Bolt Off™ - Bolt Off is an aerosol spray designed to loosen the toughest of rusted nuts and bolts, as well as many other household and business applications. Formulated using American-grown soy beans, nothing penetrates and loosens like Bolt Off, while being kind to the environment.
  • Simply Soy Wipe™ - The Simply Soy Wipe is a biodegradable wet wipe with lubricant that cleans and removes rust. These wipes can be used to clean debris off lug nuts and bolts. This durable wipe will lubricate and protect parts long after application.
  • Grime Off Wipe™ This is a biodegradable wet wipe designed to clean tools, hub caps and much more, even those with caked-on grit, dirt and grease.  Grime Off™ wipes are tough on grime, but kind to Mother Nature.
  • Gas Off Wipe™ - Gas Off™ biodegradable wet wipes clean your hands. This fresh-smelling wipe will ensure that you do not have tire dirt, oily grime or a nasty gas smell on your hands for the rest of your journey.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge - The correct tire pressure is critical for fuel efficiency, tire wear and safety. After you put on your spare, check the pressure to make certain you are safe to get back on the road.



Nutek's CEO, Cathy Horton states, "We are getting a tremendous amount of interest in this product from Retailers and Motor Clubs across the nation.  Consumers want first rate solutions that solve their toughest challenges and our products do just that.  Indeed, our new Flat Tire Survival Kit™ promises to avoid costly and irritating road delays for motorists."

Nutek, LLC is a company that stands for new technology solutions for your everyday, household needs. The company focuses on the creation of greener, sustainable, bio-preferred products that provide businesses and consumers with superior, cutting-edge performance results.  Nutek products can be purchased at Ace, Do It Best, Home Depot, Kroger, Northern Tool, True Value and other major retailers across the United Sates.

For information, contact either Cathy Horton or Kimberly Novotney at 1-888-NUTEK4U or visit