NW Venture Law Re-Launches with Focus on Sustainable Law Practice(TM)

Firm's Legal Counsel Looks at Long-Term Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts

Jun 22, 2010, 09:00 ET from NW Venture Law, PLLC

SEATTLE, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- NW Venture Law (www.nwventurelaw.com), founded in 2006, is re-launching with a renewed focus on sustainability as the cornerstone of its legal services and counsel. Located in downtown Seattle, NW Venture Law is committed to Sustainable Law Practice ™, a paradigm that examines the law within the broader context of social, environmental and economic sustainability.  

"Sustainable Law Practice ™ is a holistic approach to providing advice and counsel to help clients make informed decisions that will have positive social, environmental and economic impacts," says Founder Jarrett Payne, J.D., MBA, who also trademarked the term.  

The firm's implementation of Sustainable Law Practice ™ is two-fold; sustainability drives NW Venture Law's own operations as well as their client interactions, and both parties are contractually bound to maintain the sustainable practices outlined in the client agreement.

NW Venture Law's sustainable practices and insight go beyond operational factors like reducing paper consumption, renting in LEED certified spaces and decreasing their carbon footprint. Payne is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs and businesses foster innovation and proliferate sustainable practices. In addition to working with a number of innovators and companies on licensing new green technologies, Payne contributed to intellectual property policies for aerospace companies' bio-fuel efforts during his ten-year tenure at Boeing. He also founded the Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic (CDEC) at Seattle University in 2004. Focused on supporting the community, CDEC provides pro-bono legal guidance; Payne continues to advise community-focused clients through CDEC.

Payne's re-launch of NW Venture Law reflects his belief that "the legal profession can do much more than provide the same status-quo advice to people doing sustainable things." In many cases, NW Venture Law's counsel goes beyond the letter of the law to explore repercussions — and, more importantly, provide recommendations — from social, environmental and economic perspectives.

About NW Venture Law:

NW (Northwest) Venture Law provides corporate, business law and intellectual property legal services to entrepreneurs, nonprofits, small businesses and large corporations alike. Founder and Owner Jarrett Payne, who holds an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird and a Juris Doctorate from Seattle University, leverages his international experience to provide globally-minded advice focused on sustainability.

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