NY Coalition Opposes Governor Paterson's Proposed Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax

Taxing Groceries and Putting New York Jobs at Stake

Jan 19, 2010, 15:48 ET from New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes

FLUSHING, N.Y., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes, a coalition formed in opposition to taxes on food and beverage products, today announced its disappointment in Governor Paterson's proposal to place a tax on sugar sweetened beverages of 12 cents per 12-ounce can. This tax would be 10 times higher on a 12 pack of non-alcoholic beverages, like soft drinks, than the state tax on a 12 pack of alcoholic beverages, like beer.

The coalition's members -- including thousands of New York residents across the state and business groups such as the New York State Restaurant Association, The New York Association of Convenience Stores, The Business Council of New York State and The National Supermarket Association -- agree that this is not the time to tax the groceries of hardworking New Yorkers. Last year Gov. Paterson claimed to have heard the voices of the New York people, but once again he is trying to fix his budget problems by taxing New Yorkers and putting thousands of instate jobs at risk.

"New Yorkers are struggling to make ends meet in this economy and we shouldn't bear the burden of fixing the Governor's budget problems," said Nelson Eusebio, Chairman of New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes. "Another tax will be detrimental to hardworking New York businesses and residents."

The beverage industry currently supports thousands of well-paying jobs in New York, totaling some $6.7 billion in wages. These statewide jobs are held by hardworking New Yorkers in manufacturing, distribution and retail. The non-alcoholic beverage industry in New York State has a direct economic impact of $7 billion per year and supports an additional $18 billion in economic activity.

New Yorkers can join the coalition's fight at www.nobeveragetax.com in order to declare their support, sign the petition, and make their opposition known to the Governor and their State Representatives.

About the Coalition

New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes currently includes New York citizens and business groups, including : The Business Council of New York State, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Buffalo, Inc, New York Association of Convenience Stores, New York State Automatic Vending Association, National Restaurant Association, National Supermarket Association, Gristedes, The Food Industry Alliance of New York State, New York State Restaurant Association, Grocery Manufacturers Association, Can Manufacturers Institute, American Council on Science and Health, National Puerto Rican Coalition, League of United Latin American Citizens, Polar Beverage Company, Adirondack Beverages, The Coca-Cola Company, Glaceau, Region V U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Dan's Supreme Supermarkets, Inc., Corn Refiners Association, National Association of Theatre Owners - New York, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, One Abingdon Square Enterprises, Inc., H&H Kim Co., Chan Song Corp., BRS Food Corp., Lime Tree Market, Golden Boy Mart, M.H. Fruit Corp., Gem's Circle Farm Co., West Front Andrew Corp., Blissville Deli & Grocery, 300 J&J Fresh Produce, Modern Gourmet, Errand Grocery, Sunny's Best Food Corp., Fine Fare, P&E Grocery Corp., Seoul Shopping, Inc., Star Lite Deli, Maiden Heaven 9-11, Inc., Paul's Grocery, Soon Deli Grocery, Lee Kim Market, PJ Jenny Farm, Kay's Deli, City Limits Diner, Kyung's Fruit Store, Inc., P.J. Deli, Cuban American National Council, ASPIRA Association, Inc., Livanos Restaurant Group, NY Farm Corp., Jun & Jeong Farm Inc. Corp., Smiley's ,Austin Fruit & Vegetable Corp., Haerahm, Inc., Annie's Fruit & Vegetable Store, Scaramelia's, Helen Food Corp., Key Food, D&R Grocery, Inc., Chocolate Deli & Grocery, Inc., Fancy Fruit Market, Roosevelt Gourmet Deli, National Council of Chain Restaurants, Bodega Association of the United States, Red Apple Group, N&D Deli, Inc., Penn Plaza Gourmet Deli, Inc., Queens Farmer's and Health, Belle Harbor Foods, Inc., New Blue Flowers Gourmet, Inc., Chelsea Hyper Market, Inc., DNY Natural Land, Soho Garden, K&P Deli, Cho's Grocery, Fresh King Market, Inc., Daniel Oh Corp., Young Corp., Sheen Brothers, Inc., Lee Supermarket (Village Market), #81 Farm Deli, J.W. Market, Inc., Ham Maek Corp., Peter Plus, Inc., Sunnydale Farm Store, Food Mart, Y & Y Farm Co., Peppermill Fruit & Vegetable, Inc., Smile Deli, U. Farm Land, Tudor Farm Market, Inc., Harvest on Hudson, LLC., Half Moon River Club, LLC., East By Northeast, LLC., Stone Lion Inn, LLC., Harvest Partners, LLC., Harvest on Ft. Pond, LLC., Fort Pond Partners, LLC., One High St, LLC., Eagle Equities, LLC., Berbro Realty, LLC., Fort Pond Bay Co., LLC., Eagle Golf Association, LLC., River Road, LLC., Pepsi Cola Bottling Newburgh, Foodtown - PSK Supermarkets, MoMo Grocery Corp., H&D Deli, FresProduces, The Original Supermarket Corp., Associated Supermarket, 120 Meat Corp, 492 Corp Supermarket, 367 Waverly Meat Market and Produce, Pioneer BC Food Produce, DNJ Food Corp, J.V.D. Food Corp, Bravo Supermarket, Soho Food Corp., C-Town Supermarket, Key Food Supermarket, Rockaway Supermarket Corp., Olamar Food Corp, El Verde Meat & Produce Corp, Green Forest Food Corp, NSA Supermarket, Around Food Corp, JJR 66-82 Food Corp, 116-15 GMV Corp., Newburgh Food Corp., 1239 Food Corp, Hex Foods, 2096 Concourse Food Plaza, Foodtown, 560 W. Meat & Produce Corp, MET Food, Anber Meat & Produce, JD Food & Meat Corp, Gava Food Corp, April Food Corp, J&F Meat & Grocery Corp, 115 RD Food Corp, Associated Supermarket, AES Meat & Produce Corp, Associated Juncalito Abeyo, A&G Family Corp, 3690 JAD Food Corp, DAR Food Corp, Palero Food Corp, R&E Corp, Billy Boy Food Corp, P.J. 37 Food Corp, Juncalito Meat & Produce, Palero Meat Corp New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes is a growing coalition. Businesses and individuals can join with the more than 6,400 people who have already joined the effort by visiting www.nobeveragetax.com.

SOURCE New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes