NYC Breast Augmentation Pro Gives Father's Day Gift Idea

Jun 05, 2013, 19:15 ET from Associates in Plastic Surgery

NEW YORK, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Wouldn't it be wonderful if for Father's Day, everyone could give the special man in their life a gift so special it changes his life? Like say, confidence?

Cosmetic surgery increases confidence.
Recent research published by Clinical Psychological Science, suggests that if dislikes any of his features say, his hairy back, Scooby Doo tattoo, crooked nose or flabby belly, cosmetic surgery may increase his self-image.

Professors at Ruhr-Universität Bochum initiated their study to determine whether those who choose to have cosmetic surgery are different from those who do not, identify the goals surgical patients set for themselves before their procedure(s) and whether the procedure achieves those goals.

They came to the conclusion that cosmetic surgery patients are no different psychologically than others, they don't set unattainable goals for procedures and benefited from surgery in the following ways:

  • Felt healthier
  • Experienced increase in self-esteem
  • Felt less anxious
  • Improved functioned of area operated on
  • Felt more attractive overall

Adverse side effects were not found and there appeared to be a high rate of beneficial improvement for patients.

"Seeing a patient's self-confidence soar after a procedure is an experience that makes my job worth while," says Dr. Elliot Heller, who performs body plastics procedures like breast augmentation in NYC.

For those who think their man would benefit from a confidence boost, the following Allure Plastic Surgery procedures are top choices among men in search of a change:

  • Liposuction  (clears stubborn belly fat)
  • Hair removal (eliminates hairy backs and a unibrow)
  • Hair transplant (hides balding)
  • Laser tattoo removal (goodbye teenage ink)
  • Face lift (helps him put his best face forward)
  • Laser resurfacing (clears the aftermath of a battle with acne)
  • Brow lift (gets rid of those angry, droopy brows)

To avoid offending their guy, people should make sure the procedure they are offering to pay for is for improvement of a feature he openly dislikes, not one that they selfishly wish he would change.

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