O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. Announces an Agreement to Brand an Exclusive O2 Secure Wireless Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card for Its Customers

The Company Completes an Agreement with The Republic Group of Companies, a Financial Services Holding Company Based in Miami Florida that provides Financial Services Domestically and Internationally, including the Dominican Republic.

Oct 03, 2011, 10:28 ET from O2 Secure Wireless, Inc.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. (Pink Sheets: OTOW) announces that the Company has recently entered into an agreement with The Republic Group of Companies to brand a MasterCard Debit Card exclusively for 02 Secure Wireless that can be distributed in all geographic markets, including the Dominican Republic. This development will allow the Company's domestic division and Earthcom Service C por A, the Company's Dominican Republic subsidiary, to issue the 02 Secure Wireless MasterCard to all of its customers, which will greatly enhance and simplify the Company's distribution of services and customer payment processing by allowing the Company to automatically debit the monthly service fees from the customer through the O2 Secure Wireless MasterCard debit card. The MasterCard debit card is an automatic issue to anyone with a government issued ID, and therefore will accommodate all of the Company's customers. This ability provides the Company a distinct advantage over its competitors in the industry, while simultaneously generating significant additional revenue without any credit risk since the 02 Secure Wireless MasterCard is a prepaid debit card, not a credit card.

The anticipated revenue derived from this new service extends outside the parameters of revenue derived from the Company's telecommunication services. Since the 02 Secure Wireless MasterCard will be accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide, the Company will generate significant revenue from transaction fees by the usage of the MasterCard for any goods or services purchased with the Card by its customers.  With a projection of the issuance of 25,000 cards with an average usage of 6 transaction per month, the Company would generate annual revenue in the range of $5.3 Million dollars, not including the Company's revenue from telecommunication services, which will provide the Company a very advantageous new revenue stream not enjoyed by its competitors.

"This is a very significant milestone in the Company's strategy to create efficient and highly competitive services for our customers. All of the Company's products and services will be offered directly to our customers on each of our wireless service websites in the different markets, as well as other forms of media. We continue to focus 100% on our projects and are pleased that we can now offer the 02 Secure Wireless MasterCard to all of our customers," stated Val Kazia, President, Earthcom Service Inc.

About O2 Secure Wireless: O2 Secure Wireless is a Company that is currently developing numerous wireless tower facilities in the U.S. The Company is also instrumental in the development of wireless broadband communication services domestically. Under a recent merger with Earthcom Service Inc., the Company is currently being structured to provide affordable flat rate pre-paid wireless services in developing countries internationally.

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