Obama Credibility Increases in Jordan One Year After Cairo

Jun 04, 2010, 17:18 ET from Pechter Middle East Polls

PRINCETON, N.J., June 4/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On the one year anniversary of President Obama's speech in Cairo, Pechter Middle East Polls (PMEP) releases trend data showing that credibility regarding President Obama and his speech have increased in Jordan.

PMEP conducted a poll in Jordan in June 2009, a week after Obama's Cairo speech and again in April 2010. The poll in Jordan focused on the credibility of five specific proposals offered by the President.  The following figures are expressed as percentages:

1. Obama's credibility on U.S. policy toward the use of torture and Guantanamo (credible/not credible)

June 2009:  28/54

April 2010: 33/64

2. Obama's credibility on U.S. policy toward Iraq (credible/not credible)

June 2009: 33/53

April 2010:  36/62

3. Obama's credibility about U.S. policy toward democracy

June 2009: 30/55

April 2010:  36/56

4. Obama's credibility on U.S. policy toward Arab-Israeli Peace

June 2009:  21/63

April 2010: 39/56

5. Obama's credibility on U.S. policy toward relations between Muslims and non-Muslims

June 2009:  21/61

April 2010:  31/60

The results indicate that President Obama's credibility has increased on all five policies. However, there are mixed results on his not credible ratings. Not credible responses on Guantanamo and the U.S. policy toward Iraq increased 10 and 9 percentage points respectively.  Not credible on Arab-Israeli peace decreased 7 points.

Each poll conducted in Jordan consisted of 1000 face-to-face interviews in Arabic in respondent homes over a 3-week period.  Surveys were conducted without regime approval or supervision.

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