Obama Pulls Ahead In "Beer Poll"

A second release of limited edition political beers will take place on Tuesday (Election Day) at 12:00 noon EST.

Nov 06, 2012, 07:00 ET from Beerjobber

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, Beerjobber.com, a website offering craft beer direct from the brewery, launched a promotion that set two election themed beers against one another: One a "Pro-Obama beer". The other, a "Pro-Romney" beer. The goal was to see if beer sales and online votes could predict election results. The company asked beer customers to indicate their candidate preference by purchasing a Pro-Romney or Pro-Obama bottle — or by voting online at the company's blog at blog.beerjobber.com.

The two political beers, only available on Beerjobber.com, sold out within hours of the promotion's release:  The "Nobama Beer" is made by Oklahoma-based Huebert Brewery. The Pro-Obama "Entitlement Porter" is based on the White House's recipe and crafted by Long Island-based Blue Point.

Both sold for $9.95 a bottle. Customers also had the option to buy one of each, called the "Undecided" pack.

Beerjobber founder Sean Nevins said "Beerjobber is the only place people can get both of these beers together. We thought it would be fun to see if beer sales can predict an election."

Overall sales of the three selections were about even, each pulling about a third of the vote. The "Undecided" option sold the quickest prompting a reallocation of beer away from each of the candidates and towards the 2-pack combo.

"We quickly sold out of the quantities we had last week. The response was much greater than we anticipated. We really couldn't call a winner based on sales because we sold out of everything."

However, through the Beerjobber online poll, at first Obama and Romney were close, but as of late afternoon Monday, Obama took a strong lead, clocking in with 80% of the vote. Results are frequently updated at the company's blog, blog.beerjobber.com. The Beerjobber online poll will be up until Tuesday evening.

"Based on the response of our members, we worked with our brewery partners to secure a few more cases," said Nevins.

So on Tuesday, at 12 noon EST, Beerjobber.com will release a second limited edition quantity of both beers (and the Undecided double pack), sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Neither Beerjobber, the contest, nor the beers are affiliated with or endorsed by either candidate or their campaigns.

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