Obama Signs Bill Raising Borrowing Limit along with Spending Cuts; Charitable Organization Revs up Program to Keep Philanthropy Alive under New Economic Plan

Aug 14, 2011, 05:45 ET from Works of Life International Ministries

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --The following is being released by Works of Life International Ministries -- Last Tuesday President Obama signed a bill to raise the national borrowing limit just hours after the Senate voted 74-26 to pass the deal that proposes massive government spending cuts along with raising the national debt ceiling through 2012. The President's signing of the bill--which calls for $2.1-2.4 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade--draws closure to a polemic debate in congress about whether to raise the debt ceiling at all. Now that an official resolution has been negotiated between members of Congress and the President, averting default on the government's bills, many organizations in the non-profit sector are preparing to make major adjustments to meet the demands of what may turn out to be unprecedented changes in the state of social welfare. Within the non-profit community, Vincent Everett, CEO and founder of Works of Life International Ministries, pledges to rev up charitable giving by expanding his organization's capacity to provide charitable works and services in the US. The key to keeping charity afloat in a recession, claims Everett, is to provide assistance to those less fortunate without cutting into the spending power of would be donors.

A day before Obama signed the deal, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), announcing a bipartisan compromise to the debt ceiling debate, told reporters, "We are cutting spending. We are spending less money next year in discretionary spending than we spent last year. You haven't heard that kind of statement before around this town." But some organizers in the non-profit world, including Everett, feel that Republicans have a clearer claim to victory than Democrats, as the deal, which authorizes massive spending cuts along with raising the nation's borrowing limit, doesn't mandate tax increases for wealthy Americans. "The resolution of the debt ceiling debate comes as no surprise to me," says the Works of Life Executive, "because throughout Obama's presidency we have seen that, for bills to get through Congress, they need the Republican seal of approval, which inevitably bends the arch of legislation towards smaller government and reduced government spending."

The ramifications of the new economic deal on federally funded social welfare programs, predicts Everett, is that Americans will turn to non-government organizations for support. "The passage of this bill," he adds, "cues the non-profit sector to step up and provide assistance to tackle our most pressing social issues like never before." The way Works of Life, along with its affiliate the With Causes Charitable Network, is doing that is by significantly upsizing its resources to meet what has already proven to be an increased demand for their works and services.

Works of Life and With Causes are partnering to accommodate the growing number of donors who want to contribute to a worthy cause of their choice. Everett, expressing his views on philanthropy, believes that the health and longevity of charitable giving relies on the generosity of not just wealthy Americans but also the middle class. But with burgeoning gas prices and a weak housing market, the spending power of middle class is declining, a phenomenon prompting both organizations to emphasize that their donation program offers benefits for donors as well as charitable recipients.

"When you donate car, donate boat, donate yacht, donate real estate, or even donate aircraft, your resources help us generate charitable income that is redistributed back into the communities they came from," says Everett. Works of Life, operating out multiple locations across the US for over a decade, accepts a broad range of property donations that make donors eligible for charitable tax deductions. "It's all about how you can help the donor as well as charitable recipient," mentions Everett. He adds, "Our program is experiencing such high growth because it's effective: people donate assets they no longer wish to own and in the process improve their economic portfolios while providing funding for a range of worthy charitable causes. This way, charitable giving remains strong even in a climate of national economic distress."

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