obdEdge : cellcontrol Endorses Department of Transportation's Texting While Driving Ban for Commercial Truckers & Bus Drivers

Jan 26, 2010, 15:31 ET from obdEdge : cellcontrol

Technology Solutions to Enforce Government Bans Needs to Be Next Step to Curb Driving While Distracted Incidents According to Recent Survey by obdEdge : cellcontrol

BATON ROUGE, La., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- obdEdge, the producers of cellcontrol, a leading supplier of driving while distracted solutions, announced today that it supports new federal guidelines by U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in prohibiting commercial drivers of trucks and buses to text while they drive. The news follows on the heels of an independent survey authored by obdEdge : cellcontrol that reveals 75% of survey respondents felt that driving while texting is equally as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

"The federal government's decision to ban and enforce texting while driving by commercial truck and bus drivers is definitely a step in the right direction in creating national laws that will protect the motoring public in every state and reduce the number of accidents," said Leigh Gilly, director of business development for obdEdge : cellcontrol. "Laws can only go so far, and eventually we'll need a technology solution like cellcontrol that will help prevent drivers from using their cell phones as they operate a vehicle. It's unrealistic for the public to expect that law enforcement will have the resources to enforce these driving while distracted laws adequately, which is why technology from the private sector needs to play a critical role in addressing this growing epidemic."

More information about the U.S. Department of Transportation's ban on texting while driving by commercial truck and bus drivers can be found on their web site at the following URL: http://fastlane.dot.gov/2010/01/commercial-truck-and-bus-drivers-prohibited-from-texting-while-driving.html.

obdEdge : cellcontrol's corporate application specifically prevents commercial drivers of buses and trucks from using their mobile device while they're operating the company vehicle. An obdEdge : cellcontrol spokesperson will be in Washington D.C. on January 26 for interested media that would like to speak with him. To arrange an interview, please contact David Splivalo at 703-798-2395 or email him at david@freestylepr.com.

According to an obdEdge : cellcontrol study, 65 percent of parents would put their worries to rest with technology to prevent their children from driving while using their cell phones. More than 60 percent of parents would purchase a particular cell phone if they had the ability to control distracted driving as a feature option. In addition, more than 75 percent would use technology to restrict use of mobile devices while driving if they received a discount on their automobile insurance premium.

Survey questions/results included:

In the last 12 months, have you engaged in distracted driving caused by any of the following cell phone activities: texting, emailing, surfing the Web or talking on your phone?

Yes – 88.4%

No – 11.6%

If given the technology to block the use of cellular phones while operating a vehicle, on which of the following would you use the technology?

Yourself – 26.8%

Spouse or significant other – 23.2%

Children – 65.2%

Employees – 27.7%

None of the above – 17.0%

What do you consider to be more dangerous?

Driving while intoxicated – 17.0%

Driving while texting – 9.8%

They are equally dangerous – 73.2%

Has the passing of new laws prohibiting distracted driving changed the way you use your cellular phone while operating a vehicle?

Yes – 27.7%

No – 72.3%

Are you aware of any accidents in the last 12 months involving yourself, family or friends that was caused by distracted driving?

Yes – 27.7%

No – 72.3%

In purchasing cellular phones for your children or employees, would you consider the ability to control distracted driving on a specific phone type as an important feature in the buying decision?

Yes – 60.7%

No – 8%

Maybe – 31.3%

Besides cellular phones, which of the following mobile devices do you currently have or use in your personal or work vehicle?

Laptop – 28.8%

Handheld ordering device – 2.7%

MP3 player – 27.9%

GPS system – 45.9%

DVD player – 32.4%

None of the above – 27.9%

In regards to automobile insurance: Would you use technology to restrict your use of a mobile device while operating a vehicle if you received a discount on your premium for doing so?

Yes – 75.9%

No – 24.1%

In regard to automobile insurance: Would you be willing to change insurance carriers if a different carrier offered a discount that ultimately saved you money for the use of technology to stop distracted driving?

Yes - 53.6%

No – 46.4%

About obdEdge : cellcontrol

cellcontrol, a product of obdEdge, LLC based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the most accurate, secure and dependable solution for distracted driving caused by cellular phones and other mobile devices.  cellcontrol uses the automobile's On Board Diagnostic computer and phone/device software to put a stop to texting, e-mail, Web browsing and phone use while operating a vehicle. For more information on cellcontrol, go to www.cellcontrol.com or www.obdedge.com.

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