OC Systems announces RTI v3.4.1 release at Red Hat Summit 2013 to include integration and support for OpenShift Enterprise

Jun 10, 2013, 07:00 ET from OC Systems, Inc.

BOSTON, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- OC Systems announced today that they have released RTI v3.4.1. In this new release, RootCause Transaction Instrumentation (RTI) will now be available for use in the cloud, designed explicitly for OpenShift Enterprise customers. In addition, the new version includes upgraded platform and environment support, enhanced data collection, and many more improvements.

RTI is an Application Performance Management (APM) tool for Red Hat JBoss Middleware. RTI handles profiling, alerting, and deep dive diagnostics and can be used across the software lifecycle. It offers customers a cost effective, collaborative, easy-to-use, out of the box APM solution. Customers are able to decrease downtime and increase quality in pre-production, simplify JBoss management by gaining greater visibility into the performance of applications and improve software quality by collecting availability and performance based metrics.

"RTI for OpenShift brings the best of APM for JBoss Middleware to the OpenShift cloud in an easy to configure add-on cartridge. We are excited to be able to come and learn about emerging technologies, products, and strategies related to Red Hat JBoss Middleware. Red Hat Summit is the perfect venue for OC Systems to announce support for the cloud," said Oliver Cole, President, OC Systems.

Managing application performance in the dynamic environment of the scalable cloud requires the right tools, and RTI provides performance monitoring capabilities which can be used across the entire software life-cycle. RTI can be deployed in development, test, and production environments to begin performance testing at the earliest possible moment and continue performance monitoring through production. The system also includes add-on RTI cartridges, which can be added to application gears to automatically initiate performance monitoring. RTI scales with the application gears and automatically collects performance from each gear.

"With the release of RTI for OpenShift Enterprise, OC Systems provides an integrated, complementary, effective add-on cartridge for customers to run Application Performance Management in the cloud," said Chris Morgan, OpenShift partner product manager, Red Hat.

OpenShift Enterprise is an enterprise-ready PaaS product from Red Hat designed to be installed on-premise within customer datacenters or private, public or hybrid clouds. It provides enterprise users with access to a cloud-based application platform, enhancing an enterprise's ability to build the applications it needs and have them run in a cloud architecture. It automates much of the provisioning and systems management of the application platform stack in a way that enables the IT operations team to more easily meet growing business demands for new application services. OpenShift Enterprise also provides an on-demand, elastic, scalable and fully configured application development, testing and hosting environment for application developers so that they can focus on coding these new application services.

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