Ocean Energy Pioneer Dr. Ted Johnson Joins OTE Corporation to Build Clean, Secure and Sustainable Ocean Thermal Energy Systems Worldwide

Former Lockheed Martin OTEC Director tapped by OTE Corporation to Deploy Commercial Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Systems

May 23, 2011, 09:19 ET from OTE Corporation

LANCASTER, Pa., May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OTE Corporation, the developer of systems using the natural temperature gradient of the ocean to produce clean, sustainable base-load power and fresh, potable water, today announced the appointment of Dr. Ted Johnson as Vice President, OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) Program Development.  An internationally recognized pioneer in ocean-derived energy, Dr. Johnson will play a critical role in helping OTE Corporation bring the world a competitive, base-load (24/7 available) energy alternative to fossil fuels.

Previously, Dr. Johnson served as the Director of the heritage Lockheed Corporation's Ocean Systems Division, which led the development of the world's first successful floating OTEC pilot plant (Mini OTEC) off the coast of Hawaii and also as the OTEC Business Development Director in Lockheed Martin's New Ventures Organization. In his new role at OTE Corporation, Dr. Johnson will work with worldwide customers, governments, team members, and other stakeholders to achieve the reality of OTEC as a viable source of secure, sustainable and clean power.

"Rising oil prices combined with advances in the technology of OTEC components have made OTEC solutions increasingly attractive to many countries and territories that depend on the import of polluting and increasingly costly fossil fuels," said Dr. Johnson. "The technology exists to make ocean thermal energy a reality, and I look forward to working with OTE Corporation to deploy sustainable and cost-effective OTEC facilities around the world."

In 2009, Dr. Johnson won the Ocean Energy Pioneer Award for his role in the development of modern OTEC technology by the Ocean Energy Council, a non-profit organization advocating the development and implementation of ocean energy as a sustainable, renewable energy source. The Pioneer Award recognizes contributions to the promotion, education and implementation of ocean energy around the world.

"Ted is a true visionary and pioneer, and he shares our determination to bring this technology forward as a source of sustainable, non-polluting power and clean, desalinated water of the highest quality," said Jeremy P. Feakins, OTE Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "OTEC technology stands to massively reduce carbon footprint, lower energy costs and provide economic development in key areas around the world."

Dr. Johnson holds a Doctor of Science degree from Northwestern University, where he also attended the Kellogg Graduate School of Business Management. He is a member of a number of professional organizations and is a well known speaker at international ocean and renewable energy conferences.

About Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

OTEC is a proven technology capable of producing clean, sustainable base-load power, without fossil fuel, from the natural temperature gradient of the ocean. Cold water from the ocean floor is used in tandem with warmer water in the upper layer of the sea to alternatively boil and condense a low boiling point working fluid, typically ammonia, at low temperatures and pressures.  The resultant ammonia steam drives turbines, producing electricity.  

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